Mac hard drive space disappearing

Mac OS X disk space FAQ: Aid, I"m running out of disk area on my Mac OS X system; can you recommend any Mac disk utilities to help me reclaim my lost Mac disk space?

I typically work on a reasonably old MacBook Pro (one of the earliest Intel models) that has actually just 80 GB of disk area, and also below lately, as I"ve gained more and also more right into imperiods, audio, and video, that disk space has been disshowing up exceptionally swiftly. This weekfinish I virtually ran out of disk area altogether. (And as I think around buying a MacBook Air with small disk capacity, the problem lost disk space on Mac units looks prefer it"s going to continue to be a difficulty.)

Mac OS X disk space -Reinsurance claim shed disk room through disk utilities

Given my Mac disk area emergency, I decided to view if I might ultimately recase some of my shed disk area, so I downloaded two cost-free Mac OS X disk utility tools to help me. In the end I was able to mitigate my disk use from 97% down to 88%, and both of these Mac OS X disk utilities (disk spacetools) aided me in that process.

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Both Mac disk utilities were beneficial in various methods, but in the finish, the OmniDiskSweeper really helped the a lot of, so I"ll talk about it initially.

Mac disk utility - OmniDiskSweeper helps discover many wasted disk space

The OmniDiskSweeper helped me very easily uncover over 3GB of wasted disk room through a straightforward user interface, which is displayed here:


As you deserve to check out from that photo, printer drivers on my mechanism were taking up numerous gigabytes of disk space -- for printers I do not even have! I don"t have actually Epchild, Xerox, HP, or Lexmark printers, so I deleted all of those vehicle drivers, and saved over 3GB appropriate ameans.

Warning: I do not know if this is always safe to carry out, but it functioned fine on my Mac OS X 10.5 system. I also rebooted the system to make sure it was okay, and also whatever rebegan fine. The one thing I haven"t done yet is use any type of brand-new Mac OS X updates, however as soon as I carry out I will attempt to remember to upday this write-up.

The OmniDiskSweeper likewise assisted me see that most of my various other disk area was used by audio files and also imperiods, and also I went with and cleaned those out manually, and now I"m in much better shape.

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Mac OS X disk utility -DiskInventory X

I began off my Mac disk-cleaning initiatives via one more regime called DiskInventory X, whose user interface is shown in the next two figures.

First, here"s the Mac OS X DiskInventory X graph view:


This graph tries to visually display which file forms are making use of the a lot of room on your computer system. This graph is exciting, however the exact same Mac disk consumption data is also shown in this tabular view, which is a lot much easier to read, and also mostly more useful:


A exceptionally nice point about the table check out is that I might easily see that MP3 documents and also papers connected via Ptestimonial (mostly images) were consuming the majority of my disk area.

In the end, DiskInventory X was nice for this summary information, and OmniDiskSweeper was incredibly nice for the thorough indevelopment that aided me delete those unsupplied printer drivers.

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Mac OS X disk utilities - conclusion

I hope this pointer on Mac disk utilities has actually been advantageous.As mentioned, DiskInventory X is extremely nice for the summary information it display screens, yet if I might only pick one application for reclaiming lost disk drive space, I highly recommend the OmniDiskSweeper. It display screens your disk intake in an extremely readable view, sorted by size, and after that it"s approximately you to decide what you think you have the right to and can not safely delete, and also that strategy makes a lot of feeling to me.