Macrium reflect mft corrupt error code 6

Recently I began to gain some of theseMFT corrupt - Error code = 6. Please run "chkdsk /r" errors. If I manually attempt to do it aobtain, the backup works. What deserve to be causing these? I have check the disks for errors and nopoint has actually been uncovered.dja2k

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The error you are seeingsuggests that a clusterin use by a document is not marked as "in use" by the file mechanism bitmap. Under those conditionsa cluster could be allocated twiceresulting ininformation loss. It need to be possible to uncover and also correct the error with chkdsk, but be certain to use the /r switch on the command line: e.g., "chkdsk c: /r". Regards, Richard V. ("Arvy")

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i"m obtaining this error as well once running a backup of the startup disk c: on a windows 10 device, reflect 6. rebooted through my reflect recover usb stick, ran chkdsk, rebooted, and also error persists. can tbelow an incompatibility with windows 10 lingering?
The Master Documents Table is an NTFS constructunrelated toany kind of particularOS version. For details see this Microsoft explanationand/or this short article. Regards, Rictough V. ("Arvy")
Arvy is correct, this concern is unconcerned OS variation and also not concerned Reflect. It must be resolved by running chkdsk /R on the trouble drive.

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thanks for the replies, ran chkdsk from command also prompt, rebegan, and also ran aobtain from C:/properties/tools/ and restarted aget. reflect is currently properly imaging the startup disk.thanks for the info!
I"m getting this outcome additionally, once the computer runs a scheduled backup. However before, if I boot up via the rescue disk and also run the ago up, it is successful. If I attempt to run chkdsk /r, it runs it finds a multitude of orphan papers and record segments corrupt. After repair the computer system no much longer starts and I need to boot up via the rescue disk and reclaim my a lot of recent, GOOD, backup made via the rescue disk. However before, succeeding booked backups cause the error aobtain. Is this indicative of my hard drive going bad?
That seems very most likely. Given the cost of spare storage compared to the results of ultimate disaster, I"d definitely invest in a replacement ASAP if I were seeing results choose that. Regards, Rictough V. ("Arvy")

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Well, I myself am obtaining worn down of acquiring error messeras all the moment. I tried an initial clone, that failed until I did a couple of chkdks and also ultimately offered the PE Rescue to produce an image, then regain that image to a brand new 2TB drive. Then I attempt to produce a backup image of the full drive, which includes a tiny SYSTEM partition, a 1.8 TB grasp partition and also a 13GB HP recoextremely partition. Then, that one falls short bereason of VSS Shadow room worries. So, I run the recommfinished 50GB VSS space alarea, once I think it was already collection to a greater alarea to start through. Regardmuch less, I finally opt to backup simply the major 1.8TB partition yesterday and also that functions as a complete photo, then, I attempt to run a differential backapproximately that one this day and also I get this error over "MFT Corrupt...and so on."... for gosh sakes... I just bought this drive last week, a Seagate 2TB compared to the 2 Toshiba drives I was functioning with. I can not check out how they have the right to all be failing all the time! I"m able to go about my Windows 7 business, looking, emails, file manipulation, etc., just fine with no evident concerns. Why is a decent backup so tough to acquire without dancing a jig each time? I simply realized, I think, because of the VSS Shadow errors I was obtaining once trying to carry out a full backup including all 3 HP partitions at once, that I just tried a complete (single partition backup) photo of the primary C: partition, which worked. So, then this MFT error emerged while I was trying to add a differential backup including the C: partition *plus* the various other partitions. So, wouldn"t this be considered a false positive? When I schosen just the primary C: partition to execute the differential to the existing complete backup of the exact same C: partition I did yesterday, it came out fine! So, now the only difficulty is to determine whether I really want to backup the tiny (100MB) partition HP named "D:SYSTEM" and also the other 13GB partition HP calls "D:HP_RECOVERY". It appears as lengthy as I have actually a decent copy of each of those 2 *somewhere*, I deserve to include them to the major C: partition I"ve been backing up and come out with a working backup. Seems prefer it shouldn"t need to be quite so challenging.