Make sure that you have write access for this location, or select a different location

When utilizing Save As, a reader keeps obtaining a message that they absence permission to save papers. You’ve acquired two means to deal with this.

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Jim Elkins is in a pickle. Because updating his Mac, he can’t conserve records using Save As.

I get the message: “The document could not be exported as ‘name.’ You carry out not have permission.”

There are 2 methods to work-related through this problem: one doesn’t require rebeginning, so I recommfinish that one initially, of course! You have to settle pergoals in your Home directory through an added Terminal action at the finish. Apple has actually the full instructions below, but here’s a recap:

In the Finder, pick Go > Home.Select File > Get Info.In the Sharing & Pergoals section, click the Action (gear) symbol and also choose Apply To Enclosed Items. (If the Sharing & Permissions area isn’t reflecting, click its triangle. If the equipment is grayed out, click the lock icon and also enter an administrative password.)Click OK to confirm, and a progression bar will certainly show up if it takes even more than a couple of seconds.When finish, launch Applications > Utilities > Terminal.In Terminal, enter the follow and push return:diskutil resetUserPermissions / `id -u`Apple states if that command also stops working through an error, enter the complying with and press return and also then follow action 6 again:chflags -R nouchg ~

If that doesn’t deal with the problem, you have actually a second choice, which calls for a rebegin so you can invoke it from Recovery:


The Reset Password option in Recoexceptionally mode allows you settle permissions connected with your house directory.

Select  > Rebegin.

After the Mac shuts down and also renders the startup chime, instantly organize dvery own Command-R to boot into Recoexceptionally mode.

After the Recovery display appears, select the food selection item Utilties > Terminal.

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Type resetpassword and also push Rerevolve. Don’t worry: this won’t recollection your password.

A dialog shows up from which you deserve to pick your startup volume if it’s not schosen by default.

Pick your username from the Select the User Account dropdown menu.

In the lower-right edge of the display screen, click Recollection alongside the Reset Home Directory Permissions and also ACLs area.

Now choose Documents > Quit, and then in the major Recoexceptionally home window, select  > Rebegin.

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When your mechanism comes ago up with your OS X installation, this problem must be reresolved.