Metro 2033 crash on startup windows 10

i recently downloaded metro 2033 redux one PC and also tried to play it now and also as shortly as it starts launching it crashes out. anyone else have this issue? maybe it just negative timing via all the problems via MCC? tried updating reinstalling game reinstalling xbox beta checked for device updates but no luck. im out of ideas

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thanks for the reply, yet i have tried all these options through no success. i have tried downloading and install metro exodus which i have actually downloaded and played already previously this year and also it will not launch either. i just finimelted playing the outer civilizations also and that ran fine then i deleted some old games from my library to make room for new ones and also currently it seems i cant launch any games from the xbox application. steam epic blizzard ea all the various other launchers i have actually are working fine yet it appears i cant launch any type of games from the xbox app. i will try downloading and install an additional game or two to check out if this is the case. i checked all my subscriptions theyre all existing. im very confused why i cant launch games out the xbox application all of sudden.

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holy crap i ultimately figured it out. after going and buying the redux pack from heavy steam i found i was still having the same issues. now that my own money was on the line i began doing some hard digging. going earlier to short articles from steam and also deep silver from 2015, i uncovered a common worry that some USB audio vehicle drivers would certainly reason this behavior. no method i thought, that 4 years and 3 games later on this is still an problem. however i was out of alternatives after hours of troubleshooting. i ultimately got metro last light to launch but via that screeching audio favor i did through 2033. so i routed audio out via a 3.5mm jack on my mobo to an exterior speaker and also disabled the usb headset and bam. worked. between the initially run through exodus and also now realtek audio mounted itself with an asus upday for my maximus hero mobo (found this in the last updated information in documents) this was not mounted on my pc as soon as developed in july. uninstalled realtek and whatever is fine again. im so perplexed why this is still and problem for deep silver but hey, at leastern it worked.