Mft and mft mirror are bad


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Posted: January 6th, 2017, 9:52
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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!Patient drive:2.5" Seagate Momentus Thin ST500LT012Partitiong:EFI GPTSymptom:Was in a friend"s laptop(internal) and someday, without autumn or something else, lacking operating system error displayed.Needs:Recovery of photosProcedure(so far):A)Clone to a new drive with Media Tools Pro, practically 7000 sectors BADVERTISEMENT from a complete of 976.773.168B)New drive seen as RAW on my PCC)Easeus Data Recoextremely Wizard Pro uncovered and also recoup ALL essential papers BUT almost 70% of photos are not shown appropriately..some had actually lines, others color mismatch etcD)Trying TestDisk to fix MFT, with the objective of getting the contects of the drive and also carry out a chkdsk for repair the files(90% of comparable cases, chkdsk repair through success all corrupted files) however TestDisk cannot repair MFT.. "MFT and also MFT mirror are negative. Faibrought about repair them."Any concepts for next step??Thanks
Hi would certainly say .... sfinish the drive to a documents recoincredibly firm.

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Cloning/imaging by hardware with something like DDI4, PC-3000 DE, HRT-DRE, and so on could carry out a much better picture then Prosoft Media Tools did....Also attempt R-Studio/GetDataBack on your picture file ...
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Thanks for reply Spildit Just finiburned the scanning with GetDataBack, photos are still corrupted, however the strange thing is that corruptionis not exactly the very same as with Easeus..i intend, very same photo reextended through Easeus had lines on optimal, via GetDataBack had lines on bottom...exact same thingthrough all respanned photos, corrupted however not exactly the very same sort of corruption..Took a 2nd picture, through less negative sectors(5763 negative, this is a another strange thing), to a different HDD(to be sure) and will shave the right to it via R-Studio to check out what happens.I think that this corruption will certainly gone if somehow have the ability to chkdsk that partition..When i attempt to chkdsk, gives an error "unable to recognize volume variation and state. chkdsk aborted"
DO NOT use the checkdisk and also less on the ORIGINAL DRIVE.I bet that i deserve to recover the data out for you, however it would need :1) Hardware imaging of the drive.2) Logic recoextremely making use of the picture file.If you are gaining much less poor sectors then this could be PROBLEMATIC. Somehow the drive might be addng those sectors to the G-List.... It shouldn"t happen (unless you create to the drive) however i"ve saw that behaviour on some drives through negative sectors also....At any type of rate the more you mess through the original drive the much less will be the chances for a recoexceptionally.Do check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the original drive and inspect if the re-situated sector count is increasing.Regards and also great luck.

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Never and nothing to patient drive, just on clone!Finally, i number out the cause of the corruption problem..I had to chose the entirety drive, not just the major partition on GetDataBack search, after that, all photos and vids are 100% correct!!
Thanks Spildit for replies