Microsoft compatibility telemetry disk usage reddit

Is you're disk at 100% usage? Go to settings and also revolve off hints and notifications from microsoft.

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Compatibility of programs and hardware with windows and various other programs(adobe, antiviroffers, games...)

That telemeattempt... Sheight being paranoid! Google cathalogs also your porn stash and also you say nopoint then... MS just desire to make your home windows endure much better, that's all.

Remember, in the 90's MS was the establishment, the evil empire... currently they are the Pretty Cool Guy... unles you are a LUnix fanboy...

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Breaking OLD news: MS supports Linux on Azure and it's implementing its software application on Linux...

Obviously they are monters /S

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Did you understand that I usage Linux?
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I was never before saying anything negative around them or being paranoid. I simply wanted to understand what it was and also if I required it bereason it was using up every one of my disk. Thanks for telling me what it was.

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