Microsoft edge will not close

When I click a attach in Edge, it opens up a 2nd tab which I then cannot cshed. The spinning circle on the tab keeps spinning choose it is loading the web page but the page lots fine. When I click the X on the tab to cshed it I acquire no response. The only means to cshed is to go to Task Manager and also end the Edge regime. However, once I reopen the browser I acquire the very same page on the second tab via the spinning circle. I tried the recommendation to delete the history and then also the Repair attribute however the problem stays. This began two days earlier out of the clear blue after I had actually watched a YouTube video for a minute or much less. No changes were made to the computer system which is an HP Envy 17" laptop that is about 11 months old.

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John Fer
Replied on January 4, 2018

Hi Jeff,

The issue that you are suffering have the right to be brought about by mechanism problem. For us to recognize even more, please answer the following:

For us to prevent repeating the troubleshooting actions you"ve already performed, have the right to you list down the measures you"ve done so far?Are you obtaining any type of error messperiods or pop-up message?

In the meantime, we indicate reestablishing Edge to aid you through your worry. To perform that, follow the measures below:

Type Settings on the Cortana search box then pressEnter.On the pop-up home window, choose Apps.Select Edge from the Apps & features.Click on the Cutting edge option.Click on the Reset switch to reset Edge.

Get back to us and offer us an upday.

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Replied on January 11, 2018
In reply to John Fer's article on January 4, 2018

Hi John. Yes, I had actually tried Repair and also Recollection previously and it did not work. But I just went earlier and also tried it aobtain but it was unsuccessful this time too.

I can not gain Cortana to search for Setups. I tried 3 times. I additionally tried other unconnected names in the Cortana Search box however each time all I acquired was a white display in the box via the blue dots running throughout the peak for the first few secs. I waited at leastern a minute each time.

I clicked on the Windows symbol at the bottom left of my computer system display and also scrolled down to Settings. On the next display screen, I clicked Edge and also saw the Advanced connect.

I did both the Repair and also Reset. I then opened up Edge and also acquired this page:"Something went wrong, but we readdressed Edge couldn"t start correctly, so we had to clear some data to acquire you earlier to looking the internet."I closed Edge, reopened up it and also every little thing looked normal. However, once I clicked a attach which opened up a second tab, the spinner on the tab kept going even though the web page opened OK.

I"m not getting any type of error messages.

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Thanks for your assist on this. Sorry to be sluggish in answering. I might be slow to answer again because of take a trip yet I will certainly inspect ago.