Minecraft failed to save server.properties

"Faicaused save server.properties" error MINECRAFT

Postby Vanderburg » Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:14 pm

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We are seeing most requests for this the previous few days and 99% of the moment, it is because of your server.properties file being infinish. The error commonly looks as follows:

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Fairesulted in save server.propertiesjava.io.FileNotFoundException: server.properties (Permission denied)at java.io.FileOutputStream.open(Native Method)at java.io.FileOutputStream.(FileOutputStream.java:209)at java.io.FileOutputStream.(FileOutputStream.java:160)at nt.b(SourceFile:34)at nt.a(SourceFile:29)at nt.b(SourceFile:37)at nt.a(SourceFile:29)at nt.b(SourceFile:37)at nt.a(SourceFile:29)at nt.b(SourceFile:37)
With a LOT of those at nt.X source documents.If you"re enduring this error, the easiest fix is to fill a default server.properties file by either editing and enhancing your present one or uploading a new one to relocation your old one. A proper server.properties documents looks prefer this:
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#Minecraft server properties#Wed Sep 14 06:28:05 CDT 2011level-name=worldhellworld=falseallow-nether=trueview-distance=10spawn-monsters=trueonline-mode=truedifficulty=1gamemode=0spawn-animals=truepvp=trueserver-ip=INSERT PROPER IP ADDRESS HEREmax-players=INSERT PROPER PLAYER COUNT HERElevel-seed=server-port=25565allow-flight=falsewhite-list=falsemotd=Minecraft Server
Those 2 lines I put caps on are incredibly, very, VERY important. If you don"t have the IP, you"ll obtain a can"t bind to port error and will not have the ability to affix at all. And the proper player count demands to be there or you could obtain in trouble. Hopetotally this helps a couple of of you.

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Re: "Faicaused conserve server.properties" error MINECRAFT

Postby Edge100x » Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:56 pm

Since the server.properties file is so easily broken, we don"t include it on the "Documents manager" web page of the manage panel. Renters really shouldn"t be modifying this file; rather, the "Easy setup" page need to be offered.

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