Minecraft not appearing in volume mixer

Recently, many type of Minecraft players discover that tright here is no sound when they play Minecraft on COMPUTER. If you additionally occur to run right into this frustrating worry, you’ve pertained to the best place!

In this short article, we administer you via numerous fixes for you to attempt. You need to have the ability to solve the Minecraft no sound worry conveniently through among the fixes in this article.

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Fixes to try:

Here’s a list of fixes that have actually reresolved this trouble for other Minecraft players. You don’t have to try them all. Just work your method with the list until you uncover the one that does the trick for you.

Fix 1: Check if you muted Minecraft by accident

Before you try the fixes below, make sure that you didn’t mute your PC or Minecraft by accident. Follow the instructions to check if you muted your PC or Minecraft by accident:

1. Try playing a song on your COMPUTER. If you deserve to hear it clearly, it indicates that you don’t mute your PC; if you can’t hear it, move your computer mouse to the notification area(on the lower-ideal corner) andright-clickthe Volume icon. Then selectOpen Volume Mixer.


2. Hold and also drag the slider underMinecrafttorotate up its volume.


3. If there is still no sound in Minecraft, follow the procedures below to examine the audio settingsof Minecraft.

i. Launch Minecraft and also click Options… (or Settings).

Minecraft V1.13.1 (JAVA Edition)
Minecraft V1.6.1 from Microsoft Store

ii. Click Music & Sound… or Audio to watch the audio settings of the game.

Minecraft V1.13.1 (JAVA Edition)
Minecraft V1.6.1 from Microsoft Store

iii. Make sure every one of the audio settings are set to 100%. Click Done to save the settings.


Run Minecraft aget to inspect if the no sound problem persists. If so, try the following resolve.

Fix 2: Upday your audio driver

A lacking or outdated audio driver in your computer have the right to cause the Minecraft no sound concern, so make certain your audio driver is approximately date.

Tbelow are two means to update your audio driver:manuallyandautomatically.

Manually upday the driver: You need to go to the manufacturer webwebsite of your sound card, find the latest version of the driver and also install it in your computer system. Ensure to downpack the latest correct driver that is compatible via your computer system operating device. This needs time and also computer skills.


Automatically upday the driver:If you don’t have the moment, patience or computer system abilities to update your audio driver manually, you have the right to, instead, perform it instantly withDriver Easy.You don’t need to recognize precisely what device your computer is running, you don’t need to threat downloading and install and also installing the wrong driver, and also you don’t should problem around making a mistake once installing.Driver Easy handles it all.

All the motorists in Driver Easycome right fromthe manufacturer. They‘reall certified safe and secure.

1. Downloadand also install Driver Easy.

2. Run Driver Easy and also click the Shave the right to Now switch. Driver Easy will certainly then scan your computer and also detect any kind of problem motorists.


3. Click Updatebeside your sound card to instantly download the correct variation of its driver, then you deserve to install it manually. Or clickUpdate Allto instantly downfill and also install the correct version ofallthe drivers that are lacking or out of date on your device (This requires thePro version– you’ll be triggered to upgrade as soon as you clickUpday All.You getcomplete supportand a30-day money backguarantee).

You deserve to perform it for cost-free if you prefer, but it’s partially hands-on.
If you require assistance, please contact Driver Easy’s supportteamatsupport

Fix 3: Try the F3 + S or F3 + T essential combination

If you run into the no sound concern once you play Minecraft, try pressing F3 and also Sat the same time on your keyboard to force reload the game. If this vital combination doesn’t work-related, then try pushing F3 and Tat the same time. Many type of players have resolved the MInecraft no sound worry by this resolve.

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Wait numerous secs and then check if the no sound issue reshows up. If not, it argues that you’ve addressed this problem. If the Minecraft no sound problem persists, don’t worry! Try the following solve, below.

Fix 4:Change the “Mipmap Levels” option in the video settings

If your Minecraft is JAVA Edition, attempt transforming the “Mipmap Levelsoption in the video settings to see if this problem persists. Here is how to perform it:

1. Launch Minecraft. Then click Options….

2. Click Video Settings….


3. Move the sliderto readjust Mipmap Levels. Then clickDoneto save the transforms.


Run Minecraft aget to see if you refixed this issue. If not, attempt modifying the sound settings of your Windows system.

Fix 5:Modify the sound settings of your Windows system

Try editing the sound settings of your Windows System to view if you can deal with this worry. Here is how to carry out it:

1. Move your computer mouse to the notice area(on the lower-best corner) and right-click the Volume icon. Then selectSound.


2. Navigate to the Playbacktab. Select yourdefault playago deviceand also then clickConfigure.


3. For Audio channels, selectStereoand clickNext.


4. Check package alongside Front left and right. Then clickNext.


5. Click Finish to conserve the new settings.


Launch MInecraft to examine if the no sound issue is addressed. If not, try reinstalling Minecraft.

Fix 6: Reinstall Minecraft

If all the fixes over fail to aid you fix the Minecraft no sound worry, attempt reinstalling Minecraft. By reinstalling the game, you might deal with this issue. Here is exactly how to execute it:

If you downloaded Minecraft from Microsoft Store:

1. On your key-board, press the Windows logo design keyand also typeminecraft. In the list of search outcome,right-click MInecraft appand selectUninstallto uninstall MInecraft.


2. Downfill Minecraft from Microsoft Store and reinstall it on your PC.

1. On your key-board, press the Windows logo design keyandRat the very same time to open the Run dialog. Then typecontroland also pressEnter to open up the Control Panel.


2. Viewthe Control Panelby Category. ClickUninstall a program.


3. Right-clickMinecraft and then selectUninstall to uninstall it.


4. Download Minecraft from its main website. Then reinstall it on your PC.

Launch Minecraft after you reinstall the game. Typically, the no sound concern will certainly be addressed after the re-installation.

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Hopecompletely among the fixes above have the right to assist you settle the Minecraft no sound worry. Please leave your comment listed below if you have actually any questions.