Minecraft sound not working 1.9

I am having a bit of trouble with sounds in my bukkit plugin (Or Spiacquired 1.9) and the difficulty I have is I desire to use this command:

player.playSound(loc, Sound.RECORD_BLOCKS, 1f, 1f);

Which functions fine it"s just. I want the sound to continue playing as the player runs roughly. So I discover that once the command also is executed, the sound plays and also then as you move, the sound disshows up and it can"t be heard unmuch less you go earlier to the place in which the command also was executed.

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The player.playSound(Location place, Sound sound, float volume, float pitch) strategy internally sends a packet to the client by specifying an impact and a given area. Therefore tbelow is not method of changing the location without sfinishing a new packet and also duplicating the sound that the player is already hearing.

However, the third parameter of the previously mentioned method corresponds to the volume of the sound that is played. By raising it, you deserve to widen the radius within which the player have the right to hear the sound. For instance, after a quick test, by setting it to 10, you can hear the music in an approximate 150 blocks radius.

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Hope this helps!


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