Modern warfare error code 262146

Some Cevery one of Duty Modern War players are reporting that they are unable to play the game given that they finish up obtaining frequent disconnects with the Error Code 262146. This problem is shown to happen on both COMPUTER and also consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

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Error Code 262146

If you’re encountering the Error Code 262146 repeatedly on the same platdevelop (PC, Xbox One or PS4), you must start by ensuring that Activision servers are not presently managing a widespreview concern.

In the event that you confirm that the error is not being caused by a server concern with the game itself or via the platform you’re launching it from, troubleshoot a netoccupational inconsistency worry by rebooting or resetting your router.

However before, if you’re managing this trouble on a COMPUTER, ensure that your firewall is not facilitating the apparition of this error code. To make sure that’s not the instance, go ahead and whitelist the game together with the launcher that you’re utilizing or disable the real-time defense of your firewall eincredibly time you want to play the game.

Checking for a server issue

Before you troubleshoot the concern as if was just occurring locally, you must do some investigations to ensure that the difficulties are not actually widespreview.

Fortunately, Activation has a specialized web page where it reports any type of difficulties through its online services for eexceptionally game they released. Open this link (here) from a mobile or desktop computer web browser and pick Cevery one of Duty Modern War using the drop-dvery own food selection on the right-hand area of the screen.

Checking the standing server of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Once you’re inside that status page, examine to watch if the webwebsite is reporting any type of troubles. If you watch the green checkmark (ONLINE), it usually implies the server is operating usually.

But this doesn’t necessarily expect tright here you’re not actually dealing with an problem that is past your manage. To ensure that’s not the instance, click on your platform of choice from the list under Server Status by Network. After you are redirected to the following condition web page, watch if you’re a platdevelop wbelow you’re playing the game has some server worries.

Verifying the Status Page of the platdevelop where you’re playing the game

If you desire to be added sure, you can likewise check a organization choose DownDetector or IsItDownRightNow to watch if other customers are reporting the same issue in real-time.

Once you’ve made sure that you’re not actually dealing with a server issue, relocate down to the troubleshooting guide below.

Rebooting or Resetting your router

Now that you’ve made sure you are not seeing the Error Code 262146 due to a server concern, it’s time to troubleshoot the the majority of widespread issue that will reason this problem for the Modern War difficulty – a router concern.

It’s very most likely that you are encountering this error code because of an IP / TCP problem that you will certainly many most likely be able to resolve through an easy network-related reboot or reset (in more significant cases).

But if you deserve to, you need to avoid a reset since this procedure will certainly reset some practice choices and also credentials ago to their default possible. Instead, start straightforward through a reboot because this procedure is not intrusive at all.

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To carry out a network reboot on your rexternal, press the dedicated power switch on the rear of your networking device or simply disattach the power cable from the power outlet and also wait for a full minute in order to ensure that the power capacitors are totally drained.

Rebooting Router

Once this time period has actually passed, push the On button on your router aget, wait until internet accessibility is re-established, then reboot your console or your PC to ensure that your rexternal assigns it brand-new a new IP. Next off, launch the game and also see if the Error Code 262146 is resolved.

In situation you’re still seeing the same error message, you should relocate forward through a router recollection procedure. But before you initiate this, understand that this operation will certainly finish up clearing any personalized network settings that you formerly establimelted – This implies that practice rexternal login credentials, formatted ports, and any type of other custom preferences will certainly be cleared).

To initiate a recollection procedure, you’ll likely need a sharp object to access the Reset button on the rear – Many router manufacturers make the Reset menu harder to access to protect against unsolicited resets.

Note: Prepare the ISP credentials that you’re utilizing given that you will likely have to reperform the link aget.

The reset switch for the router

Once you control to situate the reset button, push it and also keep it pressed for until you check out all the front LEDs flashing at the very same time.

After the reset has actually been enforced, recreate the link and also watch if you are still encountering the Error Code 262146 once trying to play the multiplayer component on Modern Warfare.

In instance you still finish up encountering the same error, move down to the following potential fix below.

Whitelisting COD or disabling your Firewall (PC Only)

If you’re encountering the problem on a COMPUTER and you are unable to attach to any type of virtual server, you could be managing a situation of an overprotective firewall.

Third-party firewall services like Avast Premium, Comodo, and Panda Dome are well-known to reason this problem in instances wright here the defense suite ends up threatening your PC’s link via the game server as suspicious task. In this situation, you have 2 options:

Whitelist COD ModernWar + launcher (Steam, BattleNet, etc.) in your AV settingsDisable the real-time protection of your AV

Of course, if you’re making use of a 3rd party security suite, the steps of doing this will be incredibly different relying on which firewall you’re using.

But if you’re using Windows Defender, follow one on the 2 guides listed below – The first one will display you how to whitelist Cevery one of Duty Modern Warfare + the launcher and the second will certainly show you just how to disable the real-time security of Windows Firewall.

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How to Whitelist COD Modern Warfare in Windows Firewall

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next off, kind ‘manage firewall.cpl‘ inside the text box and also press Enter to open up up the timeless interchallenge of the Windows Firewall.
Accessing the Windows Defender FirewallOnce you’re inside the Windows Defender Firewall menu, use the left-hand also menu to click on Allow an app or attribute with Windows Defender Firewall.