Mount and blade windows 10 fix

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. While whatever is running perfectly without any kind of problems, including M&B: Warband also, the great old M&B will not open up. I double click it, but nothing happens. The taskmanager states it is running though.What I"ve tried so far:- reinstalling- compatibility mode Windows XP SP2/ Vista/ 7- admin rights- reinstalling in C:/User/Does anyone have any type of ideas just how to fix this? Mount & Blade 1 is the just one through a great star wars mod for it :p

I would certainly incredibly much like to understand this also. I"ve done pretty much every little thing you detailed, however the game just wont launch. The launcher food selection does not even display up... it simply idles in the background and also only terminates once I pressure it to with the task manager.I gain that this is an old game, and also that support for it more than likely died eras ago...But if any kind of players below recognize of a job-related around...Of course, I deserve to take some drastic actions and also install a online home windows xp on my system simply to play the game (and shelve out $50-$200 for digital machine software), or down-grade earlier to home windows 8 (which AFAIK, may not work through the original m&b anyway) - all this simply to play revenge of berserk, which never acquired ported to wb.

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Yeah, exact same difficulty below.I can not play Warband also, through the transforms they made to the fighting. That was a waste of money right from the begin. But I still play the original game occasionally. As negative as I am through it, it"s still many fun.But it will not run at all now, not because I upgraded to Windows 10. It shows up as a background process in Task Manager, however that"s all.

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Damn it, can really noone assist us? Please, I should have the ability to play that masteritem again, don"t you have any ideas? Or is tright here a opportunity to usage Mount & Blade Mods on Warband?
Sorry, I don"t have actually an answer. I unmounted the game, myself.Keep in mind that I, as well, would certainly favor to see a Mount & Blade mod for Warband, because the last game was a complete waste of money for me. But I doubt if that"s possible.Due to the fact that of Warband, I"ll be very mindful at buying anything else from Talehuman beings, however... you win some and also you lose some. And I absolutely gained my money"s worth from the original Mount & Blade. That was a great game, and also I played it for years (without eincredibly getting much much better at it - heh, heh). So I really can not complain.

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How sad to have to offer up on that masterpiece :/The diplomacy options in Warband also were a good point to get, so I"m not really against Warband, especially through those mods out tright here. But Star Wars Conpursuit mod for Mount & Blade was perfect. I wanted it over actual Star Wars games
For Warband also tbelow is a star wars mod, but MP just, thats usemuch less to me
I did it!!After testing many points I heard from a friend of mine that the thing resulting in problemy through some games is the no much longer supported copy protection of them, provided on CDs...Buying it in Steam worked for me perfectly
Congratulations, bossmob. But I do not have a CD. I bought it in 2008 as a downfill, straight from, and that"s wright here I downloaded it from the last time I set up it, too. (I still have the serial number.)Oh, well, I"ve unset up the game currently. And I just bought Fallout 4, so that will certainly keep me busy enough for awhile. But if they have a specifically excellent sale at Steam at some time, I might pick it up, simply in case.Have fun.
I"m having actually the very same problem ... mirrors up in Task Manager, but nopoint happens on display screen ... no begin up menu, nopoint.However, tbelow is a duty within Steam to activate a product that wasn"t purchased with Steam.In Steam:Click the Gamings menu, and also Select "Activate Product on Steam"Go through the agreements ... Finally, there"s a home window wright here you enter your registration essential ... CD or otherwise.I haven"t tried this, yet. Will perform so this evening, time permitting. But, prefer y"all, I love the original (Native Expansion!) and also have actually been playing this game for nigh on a decade or more ... absolutely obtained my money"s worth.And, having actually simply upgraded to Win10 now, M&B was the first game I tested. Definitely a poor taste in my mouth for Success 10. However, if this Steam trick works, then probably not so poor ...-J