Mouse keeps going to top left corner

Why Mousage Pointer Automatically Moves to Upper-Left Corner of Display in Windows 8.1? Why my computer system computer mouse cursor keeps leaping to the top of the screen? Or, How deserve to i settle the difficulty of mouse pointer automatically relocate to top height corner of the screen? and so on.

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After obtaining a number of queries like these, i made a decision to share some super quick ways to settle the computer mouse reminder problems. In outcome, i came up with three reliable methods to solve the worry of computer mouse pointer moves on its very own.

Normally, this sort of computer mouse tip trouble is challenged by the Windows customers who usage touch-based Windows lappeak or desktop computers. If you are utilizing Windows 8.1 laptop or desktop then occasionally you might enrespond to that computer mouse guideline instantly moves to upper-left corner of screen. Even, sometimes it clicks at the peak edge without any kind of touch.


If your mouse tip is not working appropriately and desire to settle the Windows 8.1 computer mouse tip worry, follow the below mentioned step by step methods carefully:

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Mouse Pointer Automatically Moves to Upper-Left Corner of Screen

To get rid with this trouble, there is no should replace the computer mouse or use any software application for Windows COMPUTER. You need to just make few changes in Windows settings and the trouble of “mouse tip automatically moves to upper left corner in Windows 8.1” will certainly be solved. Here are the approaches to fix:

Method 1: Using Tablet COMPUTER settings

In many of the situation, this mouse pointer problem occurs as a result of the poor calibration of the touch on tools. If you are using touch display laptop or touch display Windows computer system then might be the screen for pen or touch input settings of your Windows COMPUTER is poorly calibrated. You must recalibprice the settings, to do so:

Tip (1): First of all, open up Control Panel and pick “Hardware and sound” option.

Step (2): Under the Hardware and also sound section, you will certainly view “Tablet COMPUTER settings” option.

Tip (3): Open the Tablet PC settings and also click “Calibration the display screen for pen or touch input”.


Tip (4): Next, click on Calibrate… button to proceed.

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Tip (5): Once the calibration is done successfully, your difficulty “computer mouse guideline immediately moves to upper-left corner of display in Windows 8.1” will be resolved.

In situation, this method doesn’t aid you to deal with the computer mouse reminder problem then try out the second strategy which has actually defined listed below.

Method 2: Using Mouse Properties

You can additionally resolve this problem by reducing the mouse reminder movements. Here’s how to readjust the speed of your mouse pointer:

Step (1): Firstly, open Control Panel and also then click on Mouse option.

Step (2): On Mouse Properties dialog-box, go to Pointer Options tab.

Tip (3): Under the Snap To area, pick “Automatically relocate guideline to the default switch in a dialog box“.

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Tip (4): Now, click apply switch. That’s it!

This approach should resolve your computer mouse tip problem. If not, attempt out the third approach which has provided below.

Method 3: Disable Touch Screen on Windows 8.1

Disabling touch screen on Windows 8.1 lapheight or desktop computer system is also among the a lot of profitable methods. I have disabled the touch display on my Windows 8.1 PC

If above discussed techniques to deal with the trouble of “computer mouse reminder immediately moves to top top edge of the screen” is not valuable for you then you must disable touch screen on your Windows 8.1 lappeak or desktop computer. Here’s: How to Disable Touch Display on Windows 8.1

Hence, you deserve to quickly fix your mouse pointer troubles by using these above defined methods. Do you recognize any various other means to fix: computer mouse reminder instantly moves to upper-left corner of display in Windows 8.1?

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