Msi laptop boot from usb


Do you recognize how to access MSI boot menu? What are the MSI boot menu essential and MSI BIOS key? In this short article, MiniTool Partition Wizard reflects you just how to execute that. In enhancement, it additionally offers services to resolve MSI boot menu vital and also MSI BIOS vital not working concern.

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Can"t Get to BIOS or MSI Boot Menu

In basic, entering MSI BIOS or MSI boot food selection is incredibly straightforward. But some world report that they can not enter MSI BIOS or MSI boot menu. In this case, tbelow are 3 methods for you to fix this trouble.

Way 1: Use PS/2 Keyboard

This solution is gave by a MSI motherboard user. He said there is a trouble through USB keyboards that the USB key-boards are not recognized by the computer until the OS starts to fill. As such, the MSI boot food selection vital and MSI BIOS essential are not working.

To resolve this trouble, you simply should switch the current USB key-board to the old PS/2 key-board. If you have a PS/2 keyboard, you deserve to attempt this strategy. If you don"t have actually such a keyboard, just attempt the following means.

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Way 2: Turn Off Fast Startup

If you can boot right into Windows, you have the right to use this strategy. Please refer to the complying with steps:

Boot right into Windows and then open Control Panel.Navigate to System and Security> Power Options > Choose what power butloads do.Click Change settings that are presently unavailable, uninspect Turn on fast startupoption and hit Save changes.


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Way 3: Go into UEFI Firmware Settings

If your computer can"t boot right into Windows, you deserve to use this method. Please refer to the following steps:

Power on and also off your computer consistently 3 times to enter Windows Recovery Environment.Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings.Click Restart to enter BIOS and adjust UEFI settings.

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After performing the over techniques, your key-board have the right to respond to your regulates in computer system booting process.