My alienware laptop wont boot up

What you have the right to carry out if your Alienware System won't rotate on or boot right into Windows. Summary:What you have the right to carry out if your Alienware System will not revolve on or boot right into Windows.See much less What you deserve to do if your Alienware System will not turn on or boot right into Windows.
Description This post will aid recognize why the computer is not powering on or is obtaining stuck at the Alienware logo display or otherwise failing to boot all the method into the operating device or mirroring any video.

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Supported Systems:

All Alienware Systems

Table of Contents:

1. What you must know

Your computer have the right to be non-responsive bereason of among the following reasons:

No Power - The computer does not rotate on. No POST - The computer turns on however is unable to complete the Power-On-Self-Test. No Boot - The computer system transforms on, completes the Power-On-Self-Test yet does not access Windows. No Video - Screen does not display anypoint.
NOTE: A power-on self-test (POST) is a procedure performed by the computer system immediately after it is powered on to verify all the components are installed and also working appropriately in the mechanism

If you press the power button to revolve on the system and it mirrors no activity: no lights, no fans, etc.; then you have actually a No Power worry.

When this occurs it is recommfinished that you:

Verify if there is any kind of light on the device, this contains the power led ring on the AC adapter for laptop computers. Recollection the power cables relationships on both ends: computer and power outlet. Try a different power outlet or verify the one you are making use of is functioning effectively connecting to it a known working tool. If you have actually a lapheight, ensure the battery is totally charged. You have the right to likewise try rerelocating the battery and also powering up the mechanism with the AC Adapter just. Perdevelop a power drainpipe by disconnecting the power cables from the computer and the battery in instance of laptops, and then organize the power button for 10-15 secs to discharge "static power". Then connect earlier the power cables and attempt to rotate the device on.

If problem persists after these measures, then it may be pertained to a defective power supply, AC adapter, battery or motherboard.

If after pressing the power button the computer transforms on yet is unable to complete the diagnostic experimentation sequence known as Power-On-Self-Test then you have a No POST concern.

Indications of a failed POST include:

The computer system displays the Alienware logo yet does not move past that suggest. Power indicator lights up and also it is amber or oselection. The computer stays on a black display screen via message yet does not move past it. If Video display screen screens anypoint at all during the startup procedure but is currently babsence. System is beeping or Diagnostic LEDs, Caps/Num/Scroll Lock LEDs are flashing. Note dvery own if there is a details pattern in which it beeps or flashes.

The complying with tables highlight the Beep Codes for Alienware Mobiles and also Desktops and also the feasible root cause:

Beep Code Description
1 BIOS ROM checkamount faitempt - Possible MB failure (Contact Alienware)
2 No RAM detected*. (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)
3 Possible motherboard faiattract - chipset error(Contact Alienware)
4 RAM read/write faitempt (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)
5 Real Time Clock faientice (Reseat or Relocation Coin Cell Battery)
6 Video card faitempt (Reseat Video Card or Contact Alienware)
7 Processor Failure (Contact Alienware)

Beep Code Description
1 System Board, BIOS corruption or ROM error (Contact Alienware))
2 No RAM detected*. (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)
3 System Board Chipset Faiattract (Contact Alienware)
4 Memory failure (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)
5 CMOS battery faiattract (Press FN key when turning on the computer)
6 Video card / chip faitempt (Contact Alienware)
7 CPU faitempt (Contact Alienware)
8 LCD faiattract (Contact Alienware)

*Note: If you have actually installed or reput the memory modules, encertain that they are seated properly; otherwise you might obtain a 2 beeps code. If you gain a 2 or 4 beeps code please test one memory module at the moment.

It is recommended that if the computer system is not beeping and also Caps/Num/Scroll locks are not flashing, to unplug all connections and remove all media communication devices (e.g. outside monitors) then, reattach one at a time and inspect if the computer system attributes.

For a lappeak, press and also hold the Fn key and then push the power switch. This starts the pre-boot trial and error and will certainly launch the Reresolve Hardware Issues With Built-in and Online Diagnostics (SupportAssist ePSA, ePSA or PSA Error Codes). In situation you have actually a Deskheight, at the Alienware logo design display screen tap the F12 vital to access the Boot Menu. There usage the arrowhead tricks to highlight Diagnostics and also push enter.

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After the computer completes the Power-On Self-Test, it will attempt to boot the operating mechanism. If the computer system advances past the Alienware logo design screen and also then hangs up attempting to load the operating device, it is most likely a No Boot concern.

When this occurs it is recommfinished that you:

Verify the BIOS default values are the correct ones for your mechanism configuration. To carry out this: Restart the computer system. At the Alienware logo design during rebegin, tap the F2 key continuously till it enters setup. Make sure the Hard Drive/RAID settings are correct and also the UEFI/Legacy mode on BIOS. In situation after this concern persists, run PSA Diagnostics by tapping the F12 while at the Alienware logo design display.

When power signs are normal however tbelow is no video viewed on the computer"s display during the startup process, this suggests a No Video issue.

For a desktop computer computer make certain the monitor is plugged in and also has actually a power indicator mirroring that it is turned on. Also confirm that your video cable is appropriately linked on both ends: computer system and monitor and that the correct video input resource has actually been selected on the monitor.

For a lapheight computer see if you have the right to access the mechanism BIOS by turning on the system and also then instantly after that tapping F2. If no image is displayed after this attempt running the Lappeak Built-In Self-Test (BIST).

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To run the Built-In Self-Test perdevelop the following:

Turn the computer off. Press and also host the D key while pushing the power button. This will certainly begin the BIST. The display will screen multiple flashing colors. Look for lines, distortion, or any type of other video issues you have observed. The lapoptimal will certainly restart when the test is finiburned.

If no video is displayed yet at this allude it is recommended to connect the computer system to an exterior monitor (if available) to confirm if video difficulty is regarded the LCD panel or to the computer’s video card itself.



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