My screen resolution keeps changing by itself


A lot of users comsimple that screen resolution changes on its very own Windows 10. What reasons screen resolution keeps altering Windows 10? How to resolve it? If you are trying to number them out, this post of MiniTool is what you require.

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Why Does My Display Resolution Keeps Changing by Itself Windows 10

According to user reports, screen resolution changes on its own Windows 10 each time they start up the computer system. Why Windows 10 screen resolution transforms itself? The concern is regularly concerned the incompatible or outdated graphics card driver and the Base video alternative. In enhancement, some conflicting third-party software program have the right to provoke the screen to change itself.


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How to Stop Display Resolution Changes On Its Own Windows 10

To help you deal with display resolution keeps altering Windows 10, we summarize the complying with 5 remedies. Let’s try them one by one till the concern is resolved.

Equipment 1. Disable the Base Video Option

Base video is a standard Windows startup that only tons the standard video of Windows. If you have actually set up a particular video card, you can disable the Base video choice in Boot. This is bereason the choice might cause Windows 10 screen resolution changes itself.

Tip 1. Press Victory + R tricks to open up the Run dialog box, and also then kind msconfig in it and also hit Enter.


Step 2. In the System Configuration window, navigate to the Boot tab and untick the checkbox of Base video.

Step 3. Click on Apply and also OK button to execute the change.


Now, you can rebegin the computer and check if the display screen resolution keeps transforming Windows 10.

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Solution 2. Update or Roll Back Your Graphics Card Driver

As pointed out above, an incompatible or outdated graphics card driver is responsible for the display screen resolution changes on its very own Windows 10. To settle the problem, you can try updating or rolling back the device driver. For that:

Step 1. Right-click the Start food selection and also select Device Manager from the elevated menu.

Step 2. Expand the Display adapters category, and also then right-click the graphics card driver and also select Properties.

Step 3. Navigate to the Driver tab and also click on Upday Driver. Then you can select Search instantly for updated driver software option to upday the driver instantly. Additionally, you have the right to download the graphics card driver from the manufacturer"s website and also install it on your computer system.


If the over steps fail to deal with the problem, you can roll back the driver by clicking on Roll Back Driver in the Properties home window and also follow any type of prompts to complete the procedure. 

Systems 3. Reinstall Your Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes, the Windows 10 screen resolution changes itself worry deserve to be led to by a corrupted graphics card drive. For this, you must reinstall the tool driver. Here’s a quick guide.

Tip 1. Follow Tip 1 to Step 3 in Solution 2 to open up the Properties of the graphics card driver.

Tip 2. Click on Uninstall Device switch, and then tick the checkbox beside Delete the driver software program for this tool and also click on Uninstall.


Tip 3. Follow the on-display screen prompts to finish the operation and rebegin your computer. After that, Windows will automatically install a graphics card driver.

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Solution 4. Perdevelop a Clean Boot

In addition, the screen resolution alters on its very own Windows 10 as a result of some conflicting third-party software. To exclude this situation, we recommend you perform a clean boot to uncover the conflicting application, and then you deserve to uninstall it. 

Equipment 5. Revert Your Windows 10 to an Earlier Date

Some offers reported that display resolution keeps changing Windows 10 after updating. If you are also troubled by this case, you can perform a mechanism reclaim to unperform these changes. By doing so, your Windows 10 will certainly be returned to an earlier day that you don’t have encountered the problem.



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