My ssd is full what do i do

I have actually a 64GB SSD (formated to 59GB) as my main drive (C:).Windows and Rainmeter both tell my it"s complete (55GB atm to be exact, yet I already deleted stuff).The point now is that as soon as I open up the drive in the Explorer, and look up the individual papers (including concealed ones) they don"t add approximately that amount:

Users 6,4GBNvidia 0,5GBPerfLog 0,0GBProgramsDocuments 0,9GBPrograms 2,4GBPrograms(x86) 3,0GBSkyDriveTemp 0,0GBWindows 20GB

As long as math all of a sudden has actually not readjusted in the last few month, this need to not include approximately even more than 33,2. I"d mean a bit of a margin, however not that it would certainly be 12GB!

Wbelow are those 12GB and also exactly how can I complimentary them?

I run Windows 8, 64bit, AMD Phenom II X4 955, 8GB RAM, and I likewise have a secondary 1.5TB HDD before you ask.

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asked Jan 23 "13 at 9:37

Gregor A. LamcheGregor A. Lamche
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Have you checked your pagefile and hibercountry files? You must disable the folder choices for surprise and device files and also you deserve to find them here:

C:hiberfil.sysC:pagefile.sysDepending on your configuration, this files can get rather big. In my instance both amount practically 7Gb.

You can configure their behaviour/dimension in Modern system settings > Performance > Advanced > Virtual memory and change the pagefile options. To disable hibernation, you can run the following command from an elevated CMD:

powercfg -h offThis step will disable hibernation, delete the hiberfil.sys file, and rerelocate the Allow hybrid sleep and also Hibernate after Power Options under Sleep. This will certainly likewise disable quick startup in Windows 8.

For more information on just how to optimize a HDD or SSD under Windows 8, I suggest you take a look at Sean"s Guide.

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answered Jan 23 "13 at 9:44

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