My xbox one keeps ejecting disc

Discus and also assistance Xbox one X randomly ejects disc and renders beeping noises in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; My xbox one X randomly transforms itself on to eject a disc even if there isnt one in the disc tray. Sometimes it will proceed erratically and also periodically it...Discussion in "XBoX on Consoles" started by Wchange VVhite, Dec 4, 2020.

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My xbox one X randomly turns itself on to eject a disc even if tbelow isnt one in the disc tray. Sometimes it will certainly continue erratically and occasionally it will jsut fo it a pair times and soptimal. Ive tried hard reseting/power cycling but it appears to be ahardware problem. Regardless, my xbox is out of warranty and also it doesnt let me enjoy playing games that need discs as it will randomly spit it out. How perform I solve it? Will Microsoft rearea it? Is it going to cost me? :)

Mine has done that given that June and also makes beeping noises and immediately ejects discs, also as soon as it's off! How perform I deal with it?

i simply got my 3rd xbox 360 couple weeks ago it makes a grinding noise as soon as loading disc,yes ive installed it to difficult drive then after eexceptionally 10min it provides a rattling sound,likewise when ejecting it grinds my provides slight beeps when inserting discs is this normal my other xbox did not do that and also im not talking around the power beep its different only notice if you lidten very closely let me know if you have had this difficulty

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I cant get it right into Low Resolution mode??Press and hold the Xbox button  and the Eject switch until you hear a beep to turn on the console. You’ll hear one beep right away and also a 2nd beep 10 secs later on. The power light will certainly flash on before the second beep. Don’t let go till the second beep occurs.I carry out hear the eject button.......then the 2nd noise is the power off noise?(after the power off noise happens then you have the right to hear the device boot noises with my PC speakers.... then it powers off)And all the time working fine on my HD COMPUTER monitor

My consingle is doing the very same thing, randomly ejecting the game disc and pulling it earlier in, finishing whatever game session or tv present I'm in. It additionally turns itself on this means in the middle of the night. Eexceptionally time it happens I hear the beep sound the eject switch renders. I've tried wiping it clean yet no luck. Anypoint else besides sfinishing it in? I'd quite not be without my xbox for 2 months.
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