Netflix error f7701-1003

Recently updated to Ubuntu 17.04 and ensured that all updates have been made through SUSO upday in terminal and tried to play some Netflix streams. Eincredibly time I attempt to play I gain a "... playback error... Problem via Firefox... Firefox is staying clear of Netflix from starting playback..." and some recommendations to update Firefox to solve the problem.

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The error code Netflix gives is F7701-1003

Any suggestions?

You have to be able to play DRM protected content to use Netflix.

As declared on Netflix" assist page about the certain error code you gave:

If you endure the error code F7701-1003 on your computer system, it generally shows an problem through your browser"s Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM).

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According to Mozilla, Firefox can playago DRM defended content making use of Widevine given that version 47, yet you could need to allow it first.

Because of this open up the "Preferences" and switch to the "Content" tab or kind about:preferences#content in your Firefox resolve bar. Tright here need to be a checkbox labelled "Play DRM content", which requirements to be checked.

Keep in mind that Firefox will certainly downpack and also install Widevine on demand also, which means it deserve to take a while after you vsit Netflix the following time again till it finished and Widevine is all set.

See more: How To Fix Windows Failed Fast Startup With Error Status 0Xc00000D4.

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