Netflix server 2 nw-4-7

Pretty a lot the title. I carried a subscription to Express VPN so i might follow this video.

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I did obtain it appropriate, switched it back to my regional version to finish a series then followed the actions aget.

But ran into the NW47 issue. I did the procedures, reset Netflix to manufacturing facility, recollection my home network-related, reset my TV settings.

It did come best after an hour of turning the tv / network on and also off. That was alittle bit over 2 weeks earlier.

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Eexceptionally so frequently I'd gain a message saying I'm making use of adblock or a proxy, but i just ok then carry on watching. Tonight yet the NW47 error went back.

Giving up for currently, however perform you males have actually any suffer with this ? Maybe a various DNS service would certainly assist ? I'm currently making use of DYNU as instructed by the expush VPN video

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