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How to "Add Mirror" on a disk containing information once the choice is grayed-out although you have actually one more incredibly comparable disk available and also empty? Check that your 2 disks are "Dynamic" and also shrink the volume on the disk via data!

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I had a 2 TB disk with a unique volume (on one single partition), containing information.

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I did include a brand-new 2 TB disk to be used as a mirror of the existing one. I got in the Disk Management tool to "add Mirror" but discovered that this choice was not available. The menu was disabled:


Add Mirror Grayed Out

First thing to check: the 2 disks to be offered have to be "Dynamic". Right-click on "Disk x" to "Convert to Dynamic Disk ...".

Next, to have the ability to produce a mirror, the mechanism needs some complimentary space to produce its very own booked partition on the disk. So, right-click the Volume of the disk with information to "Shrink Volume..." (Try initially via 1 Mb). Once the disk has actually been shrunk, the menu "Add Mirror..." becomes available.


Add Mirror Enabled

Et voilà.

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It does not issue if the disks are MBR or GPT.Once the volume shrunk, you will perhaps need to reboot.If you encounter an problem while adding a mirror, carry out a "Check Disk" (Properties > Tools > Check).If you can really not eliminate the error "DiskPart has referenced an object which is not up-to-date." although rebooting, perform an "Extend Volume" of 1 MB! (Sound silly, I understand...) and also then "Add Mirror".In my situation, while the disks were re-syncing, I did remove the mirror, did an "Extend Volume" to reuse the totality free area, and also was still able to perform an "Add Mirror".

Mirror utilizing DiskPart

Run DiskPart in a cmd prompt began as Administratorlist diskselect disk x list volumepick volume x add disk x

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