New vegas mouse not working in menus

So when I begin up New Vegas, I deserve to use my computer mouse to load up my save and also that is pretty much it. You recognize once you hover your computer mouse over, say, a gun in your inventory, or a dialogue option, and so on and so on The choice highlights through a box around it, and also you deserve to then make your selection through a left click. When I am in a food selection, I get no such highlighting and I cannot usage my mouse to pick an object. Because of this, I cannot navigate any type of menus making use of my mouse. While I have the right to regulate utilizing the arrowhead secrets to navigate dialogue and the pipboy, the trading screen is non practical making use of the arrowhead tricks. Does anyone have actually a solution to this issue? This just began today and I have added no new mods before or since this worry has actually started.

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* Simply open up the consingle and also type "EnablePlayerControls" (no quotes).


* Check that you execute not have actually the "gamepad controller" activated in the "Video Game Settings" food selection.


* If you have a controller attached, try unplugging it.

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* Reboot your computer system if you haven"t in a while.  You may should "power cycle" (power off, wait 30 seconds and also then power on).


*  There are reports from the middle of last year that Windows 10 (after an update) has actually troubles with some mice that have actually drivers not sufficiently "vanilla" enough compared to MS USB mice (Logitech in particular).  The game seems to be sensitive to this.  An update to the OS or video, sound, or mouse motorists could have brought about this to happen aobtain.


* Someone reported that this is 100% repeatable for those having the problem:


Tip 1: Open your Pip BoyStep 2: Go to World/Local MapStep 3: Put your computer mouse off the mapStep 4: Close Pip BoyPresto, you are currently bugged and cannot select any menu choices.How to fix:Tip 1: Open your Pip BoyStep 2: Put your mouse on the mapTip 3: Close your Pip BoyAnd you"re unbugged aobtain.

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* Try renaming/deleting your "C:Users\DocumentsMy GamesFalloutNV" folder "Fallout" and also "FalloutPrefs" INI files and let the game rebuild them.  You will then have to reuse any tweaks you made to them, which is why I imply renaming them so you have actually copies to referral.


* "Verify files" in Steam.  (This will constantly report at leastern one file restored.)