Nexus mod manager an exception occured in the script


Nexus Mod Manager is a extensively supplied tool that deserve to tweak your games on the computer system. However before, an excellent many kind of users are troubled by the error “Nexus Mod Manager an exception developed in the script” while installing. How to fix it? In today’s short article, MiniDevice wants to share you via 6 effective troubleshooting methods.

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Possible Caprovides for “Nexus Mod Manager A Problem Occurred During Install

When it pertains to manage your games on PC, you may want to usage Nexus Mod Manager. It is a complimentary and open software application that enables you to downfill, tweak and also save your games. However before, many kind of customers enrespond to some certain errors choose the Nexus Mod Manager error.


Nexus Mod Manager Error regularly occurs when you attempt to install the mod for some particular games such as Dark Souls, Fallout and also so on. In most situations, this error message will certainly present even more indevelopment such as “Must be non-negative and also less than the size of the collection” and “Master documents must load prior to other plugins”.

Here we summarize numerous feasible causes that may cause the “Nexus Mod Manager a problem occurred during install” error.

Nexus Mod Manager lacks sufficient permissions to downfill the game documents from a specific area.Your antivirus software application or Windows Defender avoids NMM from accessing the games.You are utilizing an outdated NMM variation.Insufficient free tough drive area is a significant factor that will certainly cause the error. This is bereason the mods tfinish to take up 10 times more storage area due to their big size unpacked compressions.

Please store reading, we will certainly provide you with equivalent remedies for the feasible reasons.


Fix 1. Run Your NMM as Administrator

Typically, it is not recommfinished that you run third-party software application via admin perobjectives. However before, NMM is a proved software application. So, you can run it with admin privilege. Here is exactly how to execute that:

Step 1. Right-click the software’s shortreduced on Deskheight and also pick Open file area from the menu to find the installation folder of your Nexus Mod Manager.

Step 2. In all list files, navigate to a record named Nexus Mod Manager (It have to be an executable file), right-click it and also pick Properties from the context food selection.

Tip 3. In the pop-up home window, go to the Compatibility section and also check the box of the Run this regimen as an administrator.


Step 4. Click Apply to save the change and also try installing the game to check if error “Nexus Mod Manager an exception emerged in the script” is resolved.

If this approach doesn’t solve a problem occurred during install NMM error, relocate on to the adhering to methods.

Fix 2. Update Your NMM to the Latest Version

According to the report, Nexus presented the latest variation. The old NMM versions contain some bugs that may cause the error “Nexus Mod Manager a problem occurred during install object reference”. Installing the newest variation can aid you fix the bugs.

To install the latest NMM variation, you need to uninstall the old one as some drastic changes might have been made.

Uninstall the Old Version Nexus Mod Manager:

Tip 1. Login to your admin account as you will certainly not be able to uninstall the regime without the administrator privilege.

Tip 2. Right-click the Start food selection and also choose Control Panel.

Step 3. In the manage panel window, collection the View by to Category, and also then scroll dvery own and also click Uninstall a program under the Programs sections.


Step 4. Find the Nexus Mod Manager on the list, right-click it and also choose Uninstall. Then follow the on-screen instructions to end up the uninstallation.

After you end up the uninstallation, rebegin your computer and also follow the steps listed below to install the latest NMM version.

Install the Latest Nexus Mod Manager:

Tip 1. Click this link to downfill the latest Nexus Mode Manager-0.70.11 version.


Tip 2. Open the downfill folder you conserved, right-click the Nexus.Mod.Manager-0.65.10.exe file and also select Install.

Then you have the right to follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation. Afterward, you can examine if the “Nexus Mod Manager a problem occurred during install object reference” error still exists.


Fix 3. Create Sufficient Free Void on Your Hard Drive

As pointed out over, inenough cost-free area on the hard drive deserve to additionally create “a problem occurred during install NMM”. When you attempt to install the mod for games, its dimension will prosper up to 10 times considering that the papers are frequently highly compressed. In various other words, if the mod through 800MB storage space originally, it will certainly grow as much as 8GB of room.

So, it is extremely recommfinished that you complimentary up your difficult drive area in order to install the mod smoothly. But these problems come into being. How to complimentary up your difficult drive effectively? What papers are taking up as well a lot space? Which one must I remove?

Here you have the right to usage MiniDevice Partition Wizard Free Edition to analyze your hard drive. It is a partition management tool that boasts many effective features like disk benchmark, area analyzer,transform MBR to GPT disk and also so forth.

The Void Analyzer attribute of this software is incredibly easy to operate. You just have to follow these procedures below.

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Step 1. Launch the regimen to acquire its major interface, and then select the hard drive that you want to analyze and also click Gap Analyzer on the top panel.


Tip 2. In the pop-up home window, choose a partition that you desire to scan from the drop-down food selection on the top left edge and click Scan.

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Step 3. After this procedure completes, you can explore which documents or folders are taking also a lot room on your tough drive.


In order to cost-free up your tough drive, you can delete the uncrucial and large dimension papers or folders from the evaluation based on your needs.

Alternative, if you don’t desire to delete your files or folders, you also have the right to attempt raising the dimension of the partition that you intfinish to install the mod on. MiniDevice Partition Wizard Free Edition additionally provides you through efficient remedies to extfinish your C partition. Let’s start.

Step 3. Click Apply on the peak left corner to execute this adjust.


After that, you will certainly discover your partition is extfinished in Disk Management. Now, you can try installing the mod and also examine if a problem occurred during install NMM is refixed or not.

In addition to the above strategy, tbelow are extra approaches to complimentary up tough drive. If you desire to recognize, check out this article: 10 Ways to Free up Disk Gap in Windows 10.

Fix 4. Use a Different Partition or a 2nd Hard Drive 

If you have a second partition or a second tough drive on your computer, you can consider transforming the folder where NMM keep the extracted papers from the mod. To readjust the conserve area, follow the steps below:

Tip 1. Double click the shortreduced of the mod on the Desktop to open up NMM.

Step 2. In the major interconfront, click the cog symbol on the top menu to open up the settings window.

Step 3. In the settings window, navigate to the Temporary Path Directory option and click the 3 dots button to select a location wright here you have actually enough storage space accessible.


Tip 4. Right-click the blank room in Documents Explorer, and also then choose New > Folder to create a new folder and collection its filename to Temp.

Tip 5. Go earlier to the NMM settings window, click the three dots button aobtain to open the File Explorer. Find the Temp folder and also pick it.

Tip 6. Click OK to save the readjust and also rebegin NMM. Now, you have the right to watch if a problem occurred during install NMM error still persists.

Fix 5. Disable Your Antivirus Programs Temporarily

As discussed over, the antivirus programs are one of the significant determinants that bring about the error. So, we recommend that you try disabling them temporarily. Let’s start from disabling Windows Defender. Here is exactly how to perform that.

Tip 1. Right-click the Start switch and select Setups from the conmessage menu.


Step 2. In the Setups home window, navigate to the Upday & Security section and click Windows Security on the left pane. Then click the Open Windows Defender Security Center alternative.


Step 3. Go to the Virus & risk defense tab on the left side, and then revolve off the Real-time protection and also Cloud-based security on the ideal side to disable Windows Defender.

Tip 4. Then go to the App & internet browser control section, revolve off the Check apps and also file option.


This operation will allow you to install mod without Defender. After you install the mod efficiently, don’t forobtain to uncarry out these changes since disabling defender will certainly make your computer unsafeguarded.

If you have actually mounted various other third-party antivirus software application, disabling them may vary from one to another. You can review this article in which different means to disable McAfee, Alarge, Avira and Webroot Antivirus will certainly be disputed.

Fix 6. Install Mods in Safe Mod

The last strategy to settle the install NMM error is to install Mods in Safe Setting. This operation will certainly disable particular items from startup and also just fill fundamental solutions that Windows needs to run on startup. It have the right to prevent some incompatibility problems.

So, you deserve to try installing Mods in Safe Mode. Here’s your guide.

Step 1. Press Success + R keys to open up the Run box and kind msconfig in it and also hit Enter.


Tip 2. In the System Configuration window, go to the Boot tab and examine package of Safe Mode.


Tip 3. Click OK and rebegin your computer system. Then your computer system will enter into Safe Mode, and you have the right to attempt installing mods again and view if the error is resolved.

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Final Words

Here comes the finish of the short article. Have you learned the 6 ways to settle the error “Nexus Mod Manager a trouble arisen throughout install”? If you have any type of questions, please sfinish us an e-mail through . We likewise appreciate any ideas left in the comment area.

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