Nexus mods skyrim not working

So i simply downloaded skyrim SE and also am trying add some mods. I followed all the instructions for NMM and also stuff, downloaded 3 mods and set up them, they are in the plugins list. But the never before dont actually work in game. I additionally installed LOOT and tbelow are no mods getting here on their. IDK the just only point I have to perform different from all the guides is run NMM as a administrator b/c vapor wont let me create a brand-new library folder. 

Yeah im kinda stuck right here.

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Make certain the mods your using have actually no needs for them and also make sure your nexus is associated to your skyrim. Also attempt disabling and also allowing your mods. If it still doesnt job-related I guess I would recommend to press the resdeserve to games switch under the arrowhead making a circle. Tell me if it functions.



Also id reccomend looking at this that I saw someone else type out to make sure your modding right:

Never include mods while your game is running.

If you"re brand-new to modding, here"s some basics:

1) Mod Conflicts. If your Skyrim crashes to the despeak (CTD) the moment the loading screen shows up, it is exceptionally likely you have actually a mod problem. Add just one or two mods at a time (and also test them) to avoid having actually to plow with dozens of mods trying to find the one that"s bring about your game to crash. Also, RTFM. Mod authors WILL tell you what other mods (and/or kinds of mods) that their mod conflicts through. But that doesn"t do you any good if you do not read that details prior to installing. Sometimes a patch is accessible to prevent a ctd from happening (or to proccasion the mod from conflicting in some various other means, like overwriting some scenery and also bring about weird in-game impacts prefer floating trees and also Mammoths raining from the sky. (Yes, that happens.)


2) Overwrites. When NMM installs mods, it will certainly often soptimal and ask you a question like: "Do you desire this mod to install (whatever) over (whatever) that currently exists as a result of (whatever)? through about eight different alternatives. Again, many kind of mod authors will tell you what choices to choose when installing their mod. When those instructions are not current, I"ve uncovered it is commonly finest to answer "Yes to all" or the identical answer available.

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3) Load Order. Load order is literally the order that the mods are loaded into your game. This is simply as important as overwrites. A "poor" fill order will cause numerous problems varying from weird in-game results to CTDs. You have the right to manually transform your fill order in the "Plug-In" tab of NMM, yet there"s a better way. Download LOOT and also install it. Point it at your catalog where your mods are and also let LOOT kind them. Not just will LOOT give you a far better load order, yet it will warn you around mods that need "cleaning" of dirty edits in them. And you can do that with TES5Edit. (or SSEEDIT for SE.) It"s quite simple to usage. However, be warned that some mods have INTENTIONAL dirty edits. Cleaning those mods will most likely break them. How to know? Simple, the mod writer will warn you if his/her mod has delibeprice dirty edits.


4 SKSE64. SKSE64 is short for "SKyrim Script Extender." Many kind of popular mods use really cool and also helpful interfaces prefer MCM (Mod Control Menus.) These mods call for SKSE64 to feature. Download SKSE64 and also watch Gopher"s video (connected in the summary at the SKSE site) for what SKSE does precisely and just how to install it. Don"t problem, Gopher explains it clearly and also concisely.

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NOTE: SKSE64 is presently out-of-date as a result of Bethesda updating the game via even more Creation Club garbage (pardon, I expected "content". Rolls eyes, whistles tunelessly...) So it won"t actually work until the Silverlock team updays SKSE64. Probably in a few days. Mods that are NOT dependent on SKSE64 will work-related just fine.