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Do you understand just how excellent the System Configuration (msconfig.exe) tool from Windows is? Although it is a small and also rather concealed tool, it allows you to readjust rather a few points about the means Windows functions. Among various other points, the System Configuration tool lets you connumber how Windows starts, change the boot procedure, select startup services, and also programs, and also begin a collection of useful administrative programs. If you want to recognize even more around the things you have the right to carry out through System Configuration, review this article:

NOTE: This article covers Windows 10, Windows 7 and also Windows 8.1. Before reading it, you should know that we assume you already recognize how to begin System Configuration. If you do not, check out this first: 8 ways to start System Configuration in Windows (all versions). Also, if you carry out not know the variation of Windows that you are utilizing, this tutorial should help: What variation of Windows perform I have actually installed?

1. Choose what chauffeurs and also solutions are loaded at Windows startup

The System Configuration tool, also well-known as msconfig.exe, is a window through settings and also shortcuts. They are all split right into a number of tabs, and also each tab gives you access to various points. The initially tab in the System Configuration window is referred to as General, and also it is the location where you have the right to configure how Windows starts.

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In the “Startup selection” list from the General tab, you deserve to select to make Windows perform a:

“Selective startup”: renders Windows begin just with its crucial services and also drivers. In addition, it also allows you to select various other solutions and startup items that you want to run, from the Services and also Startup tabs.

It is likewise crucial to note that if you switch in between startup settings, perform some troubleshooting and also then go earlier to utilizing the “Normal startup” aacquire, all the services and also startup items are going to be allowed at startup.

If what you want is to stop some apps, vehicle drivers or services from starting automatically through Windows, you have to go via the list of services and startup items and also edit them aobtain. You have the right to view exactly how to execute that, later on in this overview. For currently though, note that once you make alters, the “Selective startup” is going to be checked as the energetic startup selection.

2. See what operating systems are set up on your COMPUTER and select which one is the default

The System Configuration tool likewise supplies a graphical way of choosing which of the operating units set up on your PC loads first. In the System Configuration tool, switch to the Boot tab, and you have the right to check out all the operating systems mounted on your computer and choose the default one if you have a multi-boot setup. To pick a new default operating device, click or tap on it and then on “Set as default.”


3. Choose exactly how lengthy the COMPUTER waits for you to select the operating device to be booted

If you have actually a multi-boot setup, another crucial establishing is the Timeout establishing. The number of seconds you set represents just how long your PC waits for you to choose among the obtainable operating systems as soon as booting. If no choice is made during the collection time, the default operating mechanism starts.


By default, the Timeout is collection to 30 secs. If you have actually a multi-boot setup, you can desire to set it to a smaller worth. We, for instance, prefer to set the Timeout to only 10 secs. This means, if we perform not select another operating mechanism, the full boot timing of the default one is not affected that a lot.

4. Change some advanced settings about just how Windows boots, prefer exactly how many kind of processor cores or exactly how a lot RAM it deserve to use

For the Windows operating mechanism set up on your computer system, the System Configuration tool likewise allows you configure complex details about the way it boots.


For each of the existing operating devices, if you click or tap on the “Cutting edge options” button, you can set points such as the variety of processors (cores) alsituated to the operating mechanism at boot, or the maximum amount of RAM obtainable to it.

If you collection a maximum variety of processor cores and RAM, Windows continues to effectively identify the genuine number of cores that the processor has and the amount of physical RAM. However, it deserve to just usage the limited number of processor cores and also the maximum memory that you have set.

5. Make Windows boot into Safe Mode

For each Windows operating device installed on your COMPUTER, the System Configuration tool likewise allows you pick if you want to make it boot right into Safe Mode. To execute that, in the Boot tab, you have to check the alternative called “Safe boot” and also choose among its easily accessible options:

Minimal – the normal safe boot, through a user interchallenge and also no netfunctioning services enabled.Alternating shell – opens up the Command Prompt in Safe Mode. The networking services and the graphical user interconfront are disabled.Active Directory repair – a normal safe boot which runs, additionally, the Active Directory solutions and also functions.Netjob-related – the normal safe boot with netfunctioning services permitted.

6. Disable the Windows boot loading display, log the startup process, usage standard video chauffeurs and also others

Also in its Boot tab, the System Configuration tool gives you a set of progressed options which deserve to be applied to both conventional and Safe Setting boot procedures:

“No GUI boot” – in the time of boot, you are not presented the usual loading display screen, only a black screen with no indevelopment.“Boot log” – throughout boot Windows writes a finish log with indevelopment about the startup procedure. Generally, it can be uncovered at this location: “C:WindowsNtbtlog.txt.”“Base video” – this alternative is handy if you just installed lousy video motorists. It renders a typical Windows startup, via the distinction that it tons just the conventional video chauffeurs that come via Windows, instead of the ones specific to your video card.“OS boot information” – this option have to be used together with “No GUI Boot.” The usual Windows loading display screen will obtain reinserted through a babsence display screen, displaying finish indevelopment about the drivers that are loaded during the startup process. If your Windows crashes throughout boot, this visualization mode deserve to be advantageous to recognize the driver that causes the crash.

7. Select what solutions are began via Windows

The Services tab from the System Configuration tool reflects a list of all the solutions that start as soon as Windows starts. For each company, you watch its name, the manufacturer, the existing condition and the date once it was disabled if it was disabled.

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You have the right to check the services you desire to run at startup and uncheck the ones you execute not. If you desire to view only third-party solutions, mounted by your applications, check the box that says “Hide all Microsoft solutions.”

The selections you make in this tab are applied just to your current startup selection, from the General tab. If you were making use of a “Typical startup,” and then you disabled some solutions, the startup selection gets readjusted automatically to “Selective startup.”

If you need help in deciding which services to stop from running at startup, review this guide: Which Windows services are safe to disable and also when?.

8. Manage the startup programs (just in Windows 7)

If you are utilizing Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, the Startup tab offers you simply a attach to “Open Task Manager.” This is bereason the monitoring of your computer’s startup apps is done using the Task Manager.

However, if you are using Windows 7, the Startup tab shows a list of all the programs and also documents that begin when Windows starts. For each item, you view its name, the manufacturer, the command supplied to begin it, which is generally the path in the direction of the program and additional parameters if provided, and the regisattempt startup area wbelow it is stored and also the day as soon as it was disabled if it was disabled.

One thing to remember about the regisattempt location is that, if you see one founding through HKLM, it implies that the startup item is “global” – used to all user accounts defined on the energetic operating mechanism. Disabling them from one user account means that they get disabled for all user accounts.

The places beginning via HKCU are for startup items energetic only for the existing user account. They could not be founding up for other user accounts. Also, they need to be disabled individually, for each user account, if you desire to prevent them from starting altogether.

Similar to the Services tab, the selections you make are applied to your current startup selection, from the General tab.

9. Launch administrative programs and panels

Few human being understand around the Tools tab in System Configuration and what it does. If you click it, you obtain a list of Windows administrative tools such as System Indevelopment, the Registry Editor, Event Viewer, Performance Monitor and also so on.

For each tool, System Configuration mirrors its name and also summary. If you click or tap on it, you have the right to check out the command also supplied to begin it, in the Selected command also area. To run any of the accessible tools, select the one you desire and click or tap Launch.

As you have the right to check out, the Tools tab from System Configuration is handy as it lists administrative tools generally used throughout troubleshooting mechanism stability or performance problems.

Save the alters you have made in System Configuration

After you are done making all the transforms you wanted, carry out not forget to push Apply or OK, so that they are applied. Also, if you are making use of the tool for the initially time, once you cshed it, you can be informed that you have to rebegin your COMPUTER for the new settings to take result.

If you do not want to view this message again, check package that states “Don’t show this message again” and pick the rebegin choice you choose.

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Are you utilizing the System Configuration tool to adjust the method Windows works?

As you have the right to watch, the System Configuration (msconfig.exe) energy is a versatile tool that offers advantageous attributes for world who want to change the method Windows starts and functions. It can be an excellent tool for controlling the startup process of your Windows computer however also for troubleshooting stability and performance troubles. Are you using it to connumber Windows? Have you had actually any kind of issues with it? Let’s talk about in the comments section below.