No mouse in battlefront 2


A great many players reported that they enrespond to the Battlefront 2 computer mouse not functioning issue. Why Battlefront 2 computer mouse not showing? How to resolve it? Now, let’s check out these concerns along with MiniTool.

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Fix 1. Upday Your Windows to the Latest Version

Outdated Windows motorists and also mechanism have the right to reason many kind of issues such as Battlefront 2 mouse not showing. So, make sure your Windows is updated to the latest variation initially. Here’s a straightforward overview to update your Windows:

Step 1. Exit your current game, and also then form upday in the search box and pick Check for updays from the best enhance.


Tip 2. In the pop-up home window, click on Check for updates on the right pane. If there are any available updays, click on the Downpack button and install them.


After the updated motorists are set up, restart your computer system and also watch if Star Wars Battlefront 2 computer mouse not functioning is addressed.

Fix 2. Disable the Overlay Program

It is reported that Battlefront 2 computer mouse might be conflicted with Overlay applications. To troubleshoot the Battlefront 2 computer mouse not showing concern, you deserve to disable all Odiffer programs on your computer system. For that:

Step 1. Exit the game, and also then launch Discord and also navigate to the Setups window.

Step 2. Click on Overlay on the left pane, and toggle off Enable in-game overlay.

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Step 3. Relaunch this game and also examine if the computer mouse not working Battlefront 2 problem is addressed or not. If this issue still persists, you deserve to try protecting against all procedure regarded Discord in the Task Manager.

Fix 3. Enable Origin Startup Services

Many Origin solutions run in the background that will be started when your mechanism starts. Once these solutions are disabled in Startup, you might encounter various issues such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 mouse not functioning. So, make certain the Origin startup solutions are enabled. Here’s how:

Tip 1. Exit the game, and then launch Origin client.

Tip 2. Right-click the Taskbar and Task Manager.


Step 2. Navigate to the Startup tab, and also then choose the service regarded Origin and click on the Enable switch. Then repeat these measures to permit all Origin associated services.

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Tip 3. Now, restart your device and also launch this game to check out if Star Wars Battlefront 2 no mouse still shows up.