No video supported format and mime type

This code functioned fine for mp4 video, but it did not work-related for .3gp, .avi and .flv documents.

You watching: No video supported format and mime type

" > Your web browser does not assistance the video tag.



You need to examine for the restrictions that Firefox (as any various other browser) might have actually as soon as working via HTML5. The HTML5 universe is constantly evolving, and the absent assistance of some usability, codec, etc. will inevitably be presented quickly or later on in the future.

On the other hand, check what Firefox is capable of in the adhering to page:


At the moment of writing, it scores an all at once 465 out of 555, of which 29 out of 33 on video playearlier.

Specifically, the CODEC case is the following:

MPEG-4 ASP support : No ✘ H.264 support : Yes ✔H.265 support : No ✘Ogg Theora support : Yes ✔WebM with VP8 assistance : Yes ✔WebM with VP9 support : Yes ✔Then

provide the user the link to download the video once unreproducible, oruse an additional player as a fallearlier, orconvert your videos, orwhatever before.

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Also review Mozilla’s short article on sustained media styles.

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