Norton antivirus slows down computer


Does Norton sluggish down your computer? Many human being ask this question online. In this article, MiniDevice lists numerous reasons for PC slowdowns and mirrors you that your PC"s slowdown may not be because of Norton.

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Does Norton Slow Dvery own Your Computer?

Norton, additionally known as Norton by Symantec, is the world"s largest provider of protection software. This agency continues to administer various assets and services concerned digital protection, including Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, Norton Security, etc.


Some world complain that the computer system slows dvery own after installing Norton products. If you are also a Norton user, you may be also involved around that worry. Does Norton slow-moving down your computer really? You need to make number out this question.

As we all understand, the computer system might slow down bereason miscellaneous factors. As such, you have to recognize what slows dvery own your computer. Is Norton or other factors? Before you suspect Norton, I recommend you to check the following concerns first.

1. Are There Many kind of Programs Running Simultaneously?

If you open too many kind of programs simultaneously, your computer system will certainly slow dvery own definitely and periodically it will certainly freeze. In this situation, please close all programs while running Norton. If tbelow is no program open up, you should examine the startup programs.

2. Are There Too Many Junk Files?

Anvarious other element that may have influence on computer system rate is junk files. If you do not clean up junk documents for a lengthy time, then it"s time to clean them. To clean up junk documents, you deserve to usage disk cleanup tool and disk defragment tool.

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3. Is Tbelow Virus?

Sometimes, virus will cause the computer to slow dvery own or freeze. You have to make certain your computer is not slowed dvery own by virus. To verify that concern, you have the right to run an antivirus shave the right to. As for the antivirus tool, you have the right to use Windows Defender, Norton, Avast, etc.

4. Hardware Issue

Sometimes, your computer is slow bereason of its hardware, for instance, the CPU is not good, the RAM is little, the hard drive is not an SSD, the tough drive has negative sector, and so on Because of this, you need to check whether the computer system is still slow-moving, after uninstalling Norton.

What If It Is Norton that Slows Dvery own Your Computer?

If you have tried the over techniques and make certain that Norton slows down your computer system, you have the right to review the adhering to content to understand exactly how to resolve the difficulty.

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1. Solve the Compatibility Issue

It may be prevalent to almost all antivirus programs that an antivirus regime is incompatible through an additional one. They will cause scanning conflicts or consumption of a large amount of device memory.

Norton is in such a case. Norton protection will slow down the mechanism performance if any other antivirus regimen is set up on the computer system mechanism. In this situation, you must disable or uninstall the various other antivirus program. If you have actually only mounted Norton, you need to try disabling Windows Defender.

Here is the tutorial on how to disable Windows Defender:

Press "Windows + R" secrets and also form "msc" to open up Local Group Policy Editor.Navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus.Highlight Windows Defender Antivirusand also double click Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus.Check Enabledand also then click Apply and OK to conserve changes.Reboot computer system to make the alters go right into effect.


2. Misconceptions

When Norton begins to scan your computer for malicious documents, it checks whatever, including downloaded papers, the registry, mechanism folders and also imperiods. It"s a lot to scan, which deserve to reason CPU slowdowns.

The slowdvery own likewise occurs as soon as the regime is updating new virus and spyware meanings. It needs the majority of memory to access the Norton server and install updates; therefore, most of the system resources are offered by the routine.

However, the slowdown will certainly disappear after the scanning or upday process is completed. You don"t should execute anything.

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