Note 4 turns off randomly

My phone turned off by itself and then didn"t rotate earlier on. I removed the battery and also let it sit for a while and then put it earlier on and also still didn"t turn on. After morr than one hour and also fifty percent it turned on however later on in thr night it did the same. Then I did a Reset utilizing Recoincredibly Booting. The next day it turned off aacquire yet after 10 minutes Iit turned on ago and currently it did the same and also doesn"t revolve on. It turns of till I see the Samsung logo and also then it turns off and on aget simply to see the Samsung logo design. And once it worked after I did the reset I checked out the software upgrade and also it sassist that my opersting device has been modificated in an unauthorizate means. Does anyone knows what the problem could be?

I have actually Samsung Note 4 SM-N910G & I am having actually exact same difficulty. Shutdvery own anytime.

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1) Reinserted battery...does not job-related.

2) Try 2 new original battery......does not work-related.

3) Installed Wake Lock.....does not work.

4) Upday ROM.....doesn"t work-related.

5) Root phone....does not job-related.

6) Hard reset from TWRP......doesn"t occupational.

7)Clear whatever from TWRP......doesn"t work.

8)Format mobile complitely.....does not work.

9) Custom ROM Lineage.......doesn"t job-related.

Still crash any time without any kind of reason. Shut dvery own instantly even seating on table.

Please help me if anyone understand solution.

You haven"t by chance replaced the battery lately? I have had 2 phones carry out comparable things after replacing the batteries. Once was a Samsung 5 and the other a Samsung 6. One would certainly turn off also though it proved a charge in the 80% range and also would certainly continually reboot as soon as it go to the samsung logo design. I uncovered by plugging it in...when it confirmed charging I might power it on....but generally I would certainly have to leave the cord linked. Since everything is glued these days it"s sort of difficult to open it back approximately examine out the cabling. I have to also state the issue happened a few months after the battery was swapped and not right away




I have the very same trouble and also currently i store my phone on battery conserve mode to protect against this problem and its working

Did someone resolved this trouble replacing the battery? I have another concern. The Keep in mind 4 via Touchwiz restartes suddently. But through Google Now its shuts off at some point while in my pocket, not while utilizing. I deserve to play, do what ever before i wannt and then when its blocked, this happen. Then i doesnt turn on. Took the battery out, in, power switch...nopoint. For a while, then 20 minutos after, back from the grave. Im in a loop considering that then.

My feeling:

I have actually a hardware problem. And im in a 80% that the battery is not associated.

The note 4 is strangely sensitive to the battery. You cannot just use any battery. It requirements to be brand-new and also high top quality. I have actually an old real battery causing the phone to rebegin at 18% for no factor, and it would restart in a loop until I pulled out the battery.

This battery resolved my problem:

I purchased a new SAMSUNG battery it didn"t assist. Mine does not loop however shuts off whenever before it feels choose. It usually just restarts only after plugging it in till I view the charging display screen indicator. Then power button starts it.

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I have actually Samsung Keep in mind 4 SM-N910G & I am having same trouble. Shutdvery own anytime.

1) Replaced battery...doesn"t job-related.

2) Try two new original battery......does not work.

3) Installed Wake Lock.....doesn"t job-related.

4) Update ROM.....doesn"t work-related.

5) Root phone....doesn"t job-related.

6) Hard recollection from TWRP......doesn"t work-related.

7)Clear every little thing from TWRP......doesn"t work-related.

8)Layout mobile complitely.....does not job-related.

9) Custom ROM Lineage.......doesn"t job-related.

Still crash any time without any kind of reason. Shut down instantly also seating on table.

Please aid me if anyone know solution.

hi go to google play keep and also downfill wake lock this will stop the cpu going to sleep i hope this helps.

It was doing very same thing with me. I reput battery & all good now.

Just readjust to brand brand-new battery.

Replace the Battery. probably has actually the original battery. if it hasn’t been dropped or water damaged. start tright here.

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I did. I actually bought a new one a pair of months earlier and also I tried with both of them. Same result. It does not work

My phone would certainly shut off suddenly and also typically. I took a small item of paper and also wedge it I to the battery compartment to provide it a tighter fit............for the first time, it has not shut down. It"s been nearly 24 hrs and also I"ve had actually no difficulties. All praise belong to God.

Try taking the battery out and holding the power switch down for 20 secs or so and then try to rotate it back on. Have you tried to power it on without the battery in but plugged into the charger?

I did the 20 secs thing. Now it turned on yet after a while it would certainly turn off and then on again. I"ll go tomorrow to the keep that I bought it from. Maybe this brand-new battery has a problem

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