Nvidia driver update stuck on preparing for installation

Summary: Get GeForce Experience preparing to install error addressed with straightforward and effective solutions pointed out in this article. If you are one of the customers who are getting this worry, then save reading this post until the end and also follow the fixes successively to settle this concern quickly with simply a couple of actions.

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GeForce Experience is an application arisen by the NVIDIA that is the initially option of many kind of gamers across the civilization. It keeps your drivers updated and optimizes your game settings.

It improves the PC gaming experience and provides it extremely smooth by automatically configuring the personalized graphics settings according to the PC’s GPU, CPU, and also display.

Although GeForce Experience considers as the bug-cost-free software, tbelow are few instances as soon as a number of problems may take place. There are some individuals that have reported the issues while updating the Nvidia drivers utilizing GeForce Experience.

Affected users have stated that their GeForce Experience stuck at “preparing to install” screen. The enormous majority of affected users encountered this worry on the M series Nvidia GPUs. Apart from this, the very same concern can occur on any kind of NVIDIA graphics card.

So, if you are also one of these individuals, then I have some options for you that have functioned for many other users to solve the GeForce Experience preparing to install error. Follow all the fixes mentioned below one-by-one till you discover the solution that works for you.

How to Fix GeForce Experience Stuck At Preparing to Install Display Issue?

Table of Contents

Method 1: Run GeForce Experience as an Administrator

This solution appears very straightforward, yet it has actually assisted most individuals to resolve the preparing to install display screen concern of GeForce Experience. And, if you are gaining this issue, then try this solution when.

Since after a particular allude while installation process, you will prompt to confirm if you desire to install the driver. And, without the appropriate administrator privileges, a confirmation prompt will not pop-up and also the installation process will certainly gain freeze.

So, it is advised to open up the GeForce Experience in the Administrator Setting. You deserve to execute this by complying with the provided steps:

Go to the GeForce Experience desktop computer shortreduced and also right-click it.Select Run as administrator


With this, GeForce Experience will certainly open in the administrator mode. Now, attempt to install the GPU driver and also check if the GeForce Experience gets stuck at the preparing to install display concern is refixed or not.

Method 2: Downpack the Graphics Driver Manually

As this concern is led to by the GeForce Experience, updating the graphics driver manually might resolve the “preparing to install” error. You have the right to quickly upday vehicle drivers without the GeForce Experience by downloading the graphics driver from the Nvidia official website.

First, totally speak the GeForce Experience. For this, follow these steps:Locate and also highlight the GeForce Experience process on the Task Manager windowClick on the End Task button


Now, choose the correct Product Type, Product Series, Operating System, and so on.Click on the Search switch, it will certainly display you the suitable driver according to your requirements


Click on the Download button to downpack the driver installer fileNow run the NVIDIA graphics driver installer as an administrator

Method 3: Disable Antivirus Real-Time Scanning

One of the most common reasons responsible for the GeForce Experience preparing to install error is an antivirus. Almany all third-party antivirus tools have real-time scanning feature and also this will certainly prevent the updating regisattempt files.

Antivirus run-time scanning feature could additionally prevent GeForce from installing driver packages. Hence, to settle the GeForce Experience preparing to install error, turn-off this feature on your third-party antivirus tool.

If you don’t have actually any third-party antivirus mounted on your computer, then disable the Windows Security. To carry out so, follow the provided steps:

Go to the Windows Search bar and also type Windows SecurityClick on the Windows SecurityGo to the Virus and also threat protection option on the left side of the windowClick on the Manage settingsTurn off the Real-time protection option


Now, attempt to upday the graphics driver with the GeForce and inspect whether Geforce Experience stuck at preparing to install display screen issue has been refixed or not. If not, then relocate to the following solution.

Method 4: Rekeep 3D Settings To Default

If you have modified any type of Nvidia 3D settings, then restoring them to the default establishing might aid you to resolve the preparing to install error. So, to carry out this, follow the steps provided below:

Right-click on the Windows desktop Select the NVIDIA Control PanelOn the left side of the home window, click the 3D Settings to expand also the sectionClick on the Manage 3D settings


Now, click on the Restore switch to obtain ago to the default settings

Method 5: Force Windows to Install the GPU Driver

To settle the GeForce Experience stuck at the Preparing to install screen problem, uninstall all the Nvidia motorists and also GeForce Experience from your computer. And, let Windows Upday install the proper vehicle drivers.

If you don’t know just how to execute this method, then follow the quick guide given below:

Press Windows + R key to open up the Run dialog boxType appwiz.cpl on the Run box and click the OK switch to open the Programs and also Features.

Right-click the Nvidia Graphics Driver and then choose the Uninstall/Change.

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Follow the on-display screen instructions to uninstall the driver from your computer system.Similarly, uninstall various other Nvidia software, such as GeForce Experience, PhysX System, and Audio DriverNow, restart your computerNext, type check for updates in the Windows Search boxClick on the Check for Updates. If there is a brand-new upday then download the update


Note: Many of the time, Windows Upday immediately install the lacking GPU chauffeurs. You can examine it in the Device Manager window and check out whether the GPU driver is set up or not.

If the dedicated GPU driver is missing, then install it manually.Right-click the Nvidia GPU connected enattempt under the Display Adapter category and select the Update Driver. In this way, Windows will be forced to install the fresh driver automatically.


If the GPU driver is not mounted by the Windows, then follow the next approach to fix the GeForce Experience Preparing to install error.

Method 6: Perdevelop Clean Installation of Driver

If all the above-discussed services faicaused fix the GeForce Experience driver preparing to install error, then remove all the NVIDIA chauffeurs and also perdevelop the clean reinstallation of the driver.

Follow the provided procedures to apply this method:

Press Windows + R to open the Run boxType appwiz.cpl in the Run box, then hit enter.

Right-click the NVIDIA graphics driver and select UninstallAlso uninstall the Audio Driver, GeForce Experience, and PhysX system.

Please Note: To apply this solution effectively, you must rerelocate all traces of the NVIDIA chauffeurs and related software program. So, it is recommfinished to uninstall the software making use of the Revo Uninstaller to rerelocate all the traces of the software application from your computer.

Get Revo Uninstaller to Rerelocate the Software Completely

Now restart your computerLastly, install the NVIDIA motorists manually

GeForce Experience: FAQ

GeForce Experience is a counterpart application to the GeForce GTX graphics card. And, it additionally helps to store the motorists updated, it automatically optimizes the game settings, and also offers the easiest and best way to share the gaming moments via your friends.

If you are utilizing the NVIDIA GeForce Experience to install vehicle drivers, it first checks the compatibility of chauffeurs, unzips the mounted packperiods of motorists, removes the old driver, and also then implement the brand-new driver. So, because of this, it takes time to install the drivers. Also, tright here are some other factors that influence the installation time, such as your CPU rate, RAM, OS, information transport rate of the HD.

Yes, GeForce Experience is good for game streaming as it has actually an indeveloped game streaming feature. So, if you have actually the NVIDIA graphics hardware, then you don’t call for any kind of various other software for game streaming on YouTube, Facebook Live, or Twitch.

Yes, it does. GeForce Experience constantly prompts individuals whenever tright here is the GeForce Game Ready Driver easily accessible for the GPU. Also, keeping the vehicle drivers updated, making the optimized settings for the game often brings a noticeable advancement in the gaming experience.

Best Solution to Maintain Your COMPUTER Health

As we understand Windows OS is complete of functions and additionally comes with assorted errors and also stubborn worries. And some of them cannot be solved via hand-operated options.

Therefore, right here is a simple solution for you that will assist you in readdressing all the Windows PC errors or worries without any hassle. Try the PC Repair Tool.

This is an progressed repair tool designed by specialists to sdeserve to your entire device to detect and solve errors. All you need to do is, simply downpack this tool and the rest of the work will certainly be done automatically.

This tool fixes DLL error, game errors, update error, BSOD error, registry worries, and also it likewise repairs corrupt/damaged or ineasily accessible system documents, keep PC secure from virus/malware, optimizes the performance and also much even more.

Get PC Repair Device to Keep Your PC Healthy


So, as we understand GeForce Experience Preparing to install error will certainly prevent the GPU vehicle drivers from being updated, it is required to settle this concern as quickly as feasible.

To fix the GeForce Experience stuck at preparing to install screen issue, you have the right to use any kind of of the above-offered services. These remedies are straightforward to execute and also deserve to be imposed by the non-techy person likewise.

Well, I hope that you preferred this post and it helped you to fix this GeForce Experience error on your computer.

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