Nvidia installer cannot continue other installations are running windows 10

Nvidia installer cannot continue is an error message that commonly shows up once user tries to install chauffeurs for their nVidia graphics card. Nvidia is an American technology agency that designs Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for gaming sectors. Many type of Windows 10 individuals have actually reported that they are unable to install the driver also after numerous attempts and also continuously gaining this annoying error message. Reports say, this trouble largely occurs via Win 10 users yet can take place to Victory 7 or Success 8, 8.1 devices also. After downloading and install the chauffeurs, you will see an NVIDIA folder in the drive wright here the OS is mounted also if the installation is failed. This is bereason the application extracts its setup itself before beginning of the installation.

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While trying to install the NVIDIA Graphics driver, you may get the adhering to error messages:

“Nvidia installer cannot proceed various other installations are running”

“Nvidia installer cannot proceed not compatible through this version of windows”

“Nnvidia installer cannot proceed compelled papers are missing”

“Nvidia installer cannot proceed you should install an intel driver first”

Caoffers Behind “Nvidia installer cannot continue” Error:

Tbelow could be various reasons behind the event of this well known worry such as incompatible graphics hardware, corrupt Windows registries, malware or virus and also so on. When user tries to install a third-party program, occasionally hazardous cyber infections also manage to work out dvery own on the PC along with the major software application. This perilous threat ruins crucial device papers which assure smooth computer processing and stays clear of many kind of mounted apps and motorists from working usually. It keeps executing malicious acts in the background and causes various hazardous problems inside consisting of this specific one.

How To Get Rid of The Issue?

If you are among those customers who are handling the exact same issue, you don’t must be panic. We have offered some efficient techniques that you need to use one at a time and also then check out if the trouble is readdressed.

Systems 1- Install the motorists manually


Find ‘Display adapters’ in the device manager and also then expand it.Select ‘NVIDIA Graphics Card’ driver in the expanded list, go to the ‘Action’ food selection and opt for ‘Uninstall. Once the process is completed, rebegin your COMPUTER.Now, go to ‘Device Manager’ another time. Right-click ‘nVidia driver’ and opt for ‘Update Driver Software’.Opt for ‘Browse my computer system for driver software’ and also then go to the ‘NVIDIA’ folder wright here the setup extracted its records.Check the ‘Include subfolders´. Click on ‘Next’ and also once it is finished, restart the COMPUTER aobtain.So far, just display driver have been installed, currently you need to go to the folder wbelow the setup files are extracted and also run the .exe file.Once you accept the terms within the setup, opt for ‘Custom’ install tick ‘Percreate a clean install’.This procedure will certainly install everything that was not currently installed.

Systems 2- Rename Your NVIDIA Graphics Card Folder

Renaming the NVIDIA folder in regime papers have the right to aid you solving “Nvidia installer cannot continue” issue. And for this, follow the listed below steps:

Go to the ‘C Drive’ (Or the drive wbelow Windows is installed).


Find ‘Program Files’ and also click on it.


Find ‘NVIDIA’ or ‘NVIDIA Corporation’ in the program papers, right-click on it and opt for the ‘Rename’ alternative. You can name it anything.

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Solution 3- Sheight all NVIDIA Processes

Try to fix “Nvidia installer cannot continue” issue by finishing all the NVIDIA processes from the TASK manager. To carry out the process, follow the listed below steps:

Type ‘Taskmgr’ in the search bar of the start menu. And then click the ‘Task manager’.


In the ‘Processes’ tab, uncover ‘NVIDIA processes’ and right-click on each of them. After that, tap upon the ‘End Task’ alternative. It will soptimal all the running NVDIA processes.


After that, attempt to install the graphics card again and also check out if the problem still occurs.Systems 4- Percreate a device scan

Like we stated earlier, the “Nvidia installer cannot continue” issue could likewise happen due to the presence of malware or virus in the infected PC. So, you must shave the right to the finish machine to remove all the perilous infections from the tool. You have the right to perform this both manually as well as automatically. The “Manual” process calls for much attention and you need to be extremely expert in computer or technology. So, we strongly recommfinish making use of “Automatic” procedure and also for this function, you have the right to usage Reimage anti-malware software program.

Is Your PC Behaving actually Abnormal & Needs Instant Optimzation?

We recommfinish you to choose Rephoto PC Repair Suite which is dedicated to sell finish choices to optimize a PC, fix any Windows error, and also rerelocate malware threats in easy. The software application is award winning and also suggested as the ideal malware resolve application sustaining all Windows versions including XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Just 3 actions to avail error free COMPUTER.


Click “Scan Your PC” switch to shave the right to all existing worries, errors, junk documents, and malware risks.Finally, click “Start Repair” to settle all detected troubles in next few minutes.

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Hopetotally, one of these procedures aided you in solving “Nvidia installer cannot continue” issue. If you really liked the write-up or you have any other solution to remove the difficulty, simply let us understand. Write us on the comment area if you have actually any kind of question or query.