Nvidia installer taking a long time

The fight for prominence in the GPU game takes location in many type of different sectors. While it’s difficult to declare an absolute victor, Nvidia has the advantage over AMD in regards to driver deployment. A big component of Nvidia’s appeal originates from the seammuch less driver integration and optimization throughout all GPU models. This is accomplished via tools prefer Gforce Experience (Nvidia’s proprietary tool). While AMD is severely struggling to cut dvery own on driver fragmentation, Nvidia was and is one action ahead.

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But as it turns out, Gforce Experience is by no suggests a bug-cost-free software application. For the last 2 years, users have actually started to report a lot of problems once trying to update their Nvidia vehicle drivers by means of Gforce Experience. Even even more so if you’re using a beta variation of GeForce Experience. The most prevalent symptom of this issue is the software program obtaining stuck at “Preparing for Installation” display screen incertainly.


Overall, it seems favor this problem is largely happening on low-finish rigs and also non-gaming laptops, however that’s not a provided fact. The large majority of individuals encountered this worries on M series Nvidia GPUs. But regardmuch less of your Nvidia graphics card, we have some suggestions for you that have aided a lot of customers bypass the “preparing for install” display screen.

Before trying anything else, make sure you’ve crossed the evident choose rebeginning your machine and trying to install again. If that doesn’t job-related, follow the approaches listed below in order till you find a settle that functions.

Method 1: Run GeForce Experience as Administrator

As basic as this deal with might seem, it has actually assisted many customers bypass the “Preparing to Install” display. And if you think about it, it really makes sense. At some suggest throughout the installation procedure, you will certainly be motivated to confirm that you desire to install the driver. But without administrator privileges, that prompt will not pop up and the installation will certainly freeze.

If you’re not sure if you’re opening GeForce Experience in Administrator Mode, force it by right-clicking the desktop shortreduced and click on Run as Administrator.


With GeForce Experience opened up in Administrator mode, attempt to install the GPU driver again. If it gets stuck at “Preparing to Install” aget, move to Method 2.

Method 2: Disable real-time scanning from your antivirus

A prevalent culprit that is frequently overlooked when taking care of the “Preparing to Install” freeze is the antivirus. Many antivirsupplies have actually a real-time scanning feature that will certainly prevent registry files from being updated. Since the driver package needs to develop brand-new documents as soon as updating your GPU, it might be prevented to do so. Norton and also McAfee are particularly well-known to cause this concern.


But regardmuch less of your antivirus variation, it’s worth a swarm to disable real-time tracking (real-time protection) from your antivirus settings. After you do it, attempt to reinstall the driver with GeForce Experience. If it fails aobtain, moves to the next technique.

Method 3: Downloading the driver manually

Since this worry is the majority of likely brought about by GeForce Experience, taking the alternative route might permit you to upday your vehicle drivers with no problems. You deserve to bypass GeForce Experience by downloading the GPU driver from the main Nvidia webwebsite.

Before you do anypoint else, make certain GeForce Experience is totally closed. You can do that conveniently by closing any kind of background procedure in Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

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Once you gain that going, Visit Nvidia’s Driver Downfill page and insert the correct Product and also Product Series and Operating System. Use the Search button to find the appropriate driver and also downfill it to your device.

Note: Stay away from beta vehicle drivers and also make sure you distinguish between the Notebook drivers (M series) and desktop chauffeurs.


Open the executable and also view if it manages to acquire past the “Preparing for Installation” display. If it falls short aget, try the next technique.

Method 4: Forcing Windows Update to install the driver

Often times, the finest course of activity is to entirely rerelocate Nvidia motorists in addition to GeForce Experience before installing it aacquire. If possible, it’s finest to let Windows Upday to apply the latest driver after rerelocating all Nvidia associated software. To make things simpler, here’s a quick guide:

Press Windows crucial + R to open a Run command. Type “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter to open Programs and Features. Right-click your Nvidia Graphics Driver and pick Uninstall/Change. Follow with with the setup to uninstall it from your device.Uninstall all the other Nvidia software consisting of GeForce Experience, Audio Driver, and PhysX System. Once you unmounted them all, rebegin your COMPUTER. After your device boots earlier up, use the search bar to Check for updates.
Click on Check for Updates and also check out if tright here are any Windows Updates pending. If any of them are pfinishing, do them initially before attempting to install the driver manually.
Note: Often times, Windows Update will automatically download the appropriate GPU driver if it finds out that it’s absent. You have the right to confirm this by accessing Device Manager and view if the dedicated GPU driver is mounted.If you confirm your that your driver is missing in Device Manager, right-click on the entry regarded your Nvidia GPU (under Display adapter) and select Upday Driver. Usually, this will certainly force Windows to downpack a fresh driver and also install it immediately.
 If the driver is GPU driver is not found by Windows, follow Method 3 aobtain to manually reinstall it.

Method 5: Percreating a clean driver re-install

If all the approaches above failed, we should remove all traces of the Nvidia motorists and percreate a clean driver reinstall. To achieve this, we are going to usage two various types tools to wipe all traces of your old GPU chauffeurs. Here’s what you have to do:

It’s recommended that you just attempt this procedure after trying eextremely various other strategy existing in this overview. We are going to usage Display Driver Uninstaller, which is not officially sustained by Nvidia. Although no users have reported troubles so far, you might end up facing unexpected troubles after utilizing this software application.

If you decide to follow this method, here’s what you should do:

Press Windows essential + R to open a Run command. Type “appwiz.cpl” and also hit Enter to open Programs and also Features. Right-click on your Nvidia Graphics Driver and also pick Uninstall/Change. Follow through via the setup to uninstall it from your system.Uninstall all the various other Nvidia software program consisting of GeForce Experience, Audio Driver, and PhysX System.

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In order for this tool to be reliable, you’ll should rebegin your device in Safe Mode. You have the right to perform this by opening the Start menu and clicking the Power button. Then, hold the Change essential pressed while clicking the Restart switch.
Once your system reboots in Safe Setting, open up Display Driver Uninstaller and also click on Clean and restart. After a couple of minutes, your device will certainly reboot aobtain after cleaning the necessary papers.
You have actually currently rerelocated all traces of your old Nvidia GPU driver. Follow Method 3 again to manually install the driver. It should have the ability to install in full.