Nvidia stuck on preparing to install

The Nvidia GeForce Experience is an app that all gamers need to use if they desire their graphics to be optimized for the latest games.Unfortunately, the GeForce Experience application does come with its very own fair share of worries, such as the Preparing to install error.

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preparing to install error as it has actually for various other customers.

Right-click the Windows desktop computer and choose NVIDIA Control Panel.Expand the 3D Settings category on the left side of the window.Click Restore to adjust the 3D choices earlier to their default worths.

3. Manually download the graphics driver from NVIDIA’s website

You might have the ability to update your graphics card driver without GeForce Experience by downloading and install it from Nvidia’s website yourself.

Click the Search switch.Click Download to conserve the driver installer to folder.Then open up the NVIDIA graphics driver installer as an administrator.

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4. Disable third-party antivirus software

Antivirus scanning can likewise soptimal GeForce installing the driver package. So, revolve off any third-party antivirus software program you have actually installed on your desktop computer or lapoptimal.

Right-click the system tray icon for your antivirus utility to open up a context food selection that will more than likely incorporate some kind of disable shield establishing. Select the disable context food selection alternative to temporarily deactivate the antivirus scanning before opening GeForce Experience.


5. Turn off Windows Security

If you don’t have actually a third-party antivirus utility, turn off Windows Security.

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Click Windows 10’s Type below to search taskbar switch.Type Windows Security in the search box.Select Virus and danger protection on the left of the window.Toggle the Real-time protection choice off.Then try updating the graphics card driver with GeForce.

6. Reinstall graphics card driver

Some users can should reinstall Nvidia graphics card motorists to upday them. Our Display Driver Uninstaller overview offers details for how you have the right to totally uninstall Nvidia vehicle drivers through that utility.