Oblivion launcher has stopped working

Problem: Oblivion crashes automatically on startup once trying to launch, error message declared “Oblivion has quit working” show without particular error code.

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Equipment 1: Delete Oblivion Folder in My Games folder Solution 2: Install Codec Pack Systems 3: Disable music using Oblivion.ini configuration file Equipment 4: Disable Secondary Monitors Systems 5: Uncheck Disable visual themes and desktop complace Equipment 6: Uninstall Cyberlink Power DVD 5 Reference

Systems 1: Delete Oblivion Folder in My Gamings folder

Step 1: Navigate to Local Disk > Users > Your Account’s Name > Documents > My Games > Oblivion.

Step 2: Select everything besides Saves folder, right-click and also select Delete alternative.

Step 3: Rebegin Oblivion from Steam Client.

Equipment 2: Install Codec Pack

Step 1: Visit Codec Guide to download K-Lite Codec Pack.

Tip 2: Locate it in the Downloads folder and double-click to install it.

Tip 3: Restart computer system.

Equipment 3: Disable music by means of Oblivion.ini configuration file

Tip 1: Navigate to Local Disk > Users > Your Account’s Name > Documents > My Games > Oblivion.

Step 2: Locate Oblivion.ini, right-click it and choose Open through Notepad and click OK.

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Tip 3: Press Ctrl + F essential combicountry to open the Search box.

Tip 4: Type MusicEnabled in the box and change the value alongside it from 1 to 0 then conserve the file.

Equipment 4: Disable Secondary Monitors

Method 1: Press Windows Key + P essential combination and choosing COMPUTER display screen only choice at the optimal.

Method 2: For NVIDIA Users: Right-click Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel > Display tab > Set up multiple displays > Disable all monitors other than your COMPUTER screen.

Method 3: For AMD/ATI Users: Open AMD Catalyst Control Center > Display management > Disable all monitors other than your COMPUTER screen.

Systems 5: Unexamine Disable visual themes and also desktop computer composition

Step 1: Open Steam Client > Library tab and Oblivion enattempt in the list.

Step 2: Right-click the game’s icon, choose Properties choice and also click the Browse Local Files switch.

Tip 3: Locate Oblivion.exe file, right-click on it and pick Properties choice.

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Tip 4: Navigate to Compatibility tab and uncheck the boxes next to Disable visual themes and Disable desktop composition alternative.

Systems 6: Uninstall Cyberconnect Power DVD 5


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