Obs dropping frames windows 10

So frustrated! I have been streaming off my old Win 7 laptop for months. It ran pretty great yet would certainly gain method to warm and I didnt want to kill it. I finally construct a great stream PC through Win 10 and now I cant stream at any type of resolution without dropped frames choose no other. Ive tried whatever. I require some input here!

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What all have you tried to settle the problem? What kinds of errors are you getting? What are your general device specs? I've heard of people having problems, however a lot of of them have been functioned out by currently. Have you updated your motorists for everything? What kinds of settings are you utilizing in OBS/XSplit?

Changing little bit rate, rebooting all devices all the time. I have a core i5-4690K, 16gb ram, GTX 950 gpu, Success 10 64 Pro bit. In xsplit and OBS both - 2100 kb/s (have lowered through no fix) CBR, x264 Encoder, 720p with 30 FPS (have gone down via no fix). Server on Xsolit is set to auto and on OBS ive tried eexceptionally one on tright here.

These are all the very same settings i had on my Success 7 laptop and also could run all night via zero dropped frames. All Victory 10 chauffeurs are the latest as the COMPUTER is brand-new and also have actually all motorists downloaded from their corresponding website. I dont understand what to do. I watch a few civilization right here and also tright here that are prefer "My new Victory 10 is running perfect" and all the others are having actually this difficulty.

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Win10 acquired serious worries through obs atm. "My" own Streamer readjusted back to Win7/8.1 and every little thing operated like a cinjury aget and he did not readjusted anything. Got the exact same framework drop problems before.

The thing thats driving me the majority of crazy is the 1 out of 20 times it will run perfectly. But the majority is this same problem. Since this is a new machine, are tbelow any type of earlier ground chauffeurs I'm not thinking of? Some type of codec maybe? Seeing that it has the very same worry with OBS and XSplit provides me understand that its a Windows issue and or a setup that effects both. Does anyone recognize of anypoint in between Win 7 and also 10 that has a major distinction in these items? Thanks for all the input so far!


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