Obs failed to start streaming nvenc

I"ve been trying to erected obs studio for around 3 hours currently, and also I continue to obtain the adhering to error:Faibrought about start recordingStarting the output failed. Please check the log for details.NOTE: If you are making use of the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video motorists are up to date.I am utilizing an NVENC encoder, yet the driver is as much as date, and also yet I proceed to gain this issue. If anyone could aid me fix this, that"d be greatly appreciated.Here is the log:

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2.60GHz21:09:01.146: CPU Speed: 2594MHz21:09:01.146: Physical Cores: 4, Logical Cores: 821:09:01.146: Physical Memory: 8109MB Total, 3800MB Free21:09:01.146: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 14393 (revision: 693; 64-bit)21:09:01.146: Running as administrator: false21:09:01.146: Aero is Enabled (Aero is always on for home windows 8 and above)21:09:01.147: Portable mode: false21:09:01.154: OBS 18.0.0 (64little, windows)21:09:01.154: ---------------------------------21:09:01.155: ---------------------------------21:09:01.155: audio settings reset:21:09:01.155: samples per sec: 4410021:09:01.155: speakers: 221:09:01.156: ---------------------------------21:09:01.156: Initializing D3D11..21:09:01.156: Available Video Adapters:21:09:01.159: Adapter 1: NVIDIA GeForce 940M21:09:01.159: Dedicated VRAM: 211904102421:09:01.159: Shared VRAM: 425159270421:09:01.159: output 1: pos=0, 0, size=1920, 1080, attached=true21:09:01.159: Adapter 2: Intel(R) HD Graphics 460021:09:01.159: Dedicated VRAM: 11796480021:09:01.159: Shared VRAM: 214748364821:09:01.161: Loading up D3D11 on adapter NVIDIA GeForce 940M (0)21:09:01.179: D3D11 loaded sucesstotally, function level used: 4505621:09:01.846: ---------------------------------21:09:01.846: video settings reset:21:09:01.846: base resolution: 1920x108021:09:01.846: output resolution: 1920x108021:09:01.846: downscale filter: Bicubic21:09:01.846: fps: 60/121:09:01.846: format: NV1221:09:01.848: ---------------------------------21:09:01.849: Required module feature "obs_module_load" in module "../../obs-plugins/64bit/chrome_elf.dll" not found, loading of module failed21:09:01.850: : CoreAudio AAC encoder not set up on the system or couldn"t be loaded21:09:01.851: Unable to pack "amfrt64.dll", error code 126.21:09:01.857: Required module feature "obs_module_load" in module "../../obs-plugins/64bit/libcef.dll" not discovered, loading of module failed21:09:01.857: Required module attribute "obs_module_load" in module "../../obs-plugins/64bit/libEGL.dll" not found, loading of module failed21:09:01.858: Required module feature "obs_module_load" in module "../../obs-plugins/64bit/libGLESv2.dll" not uncovered, loading of module failed21:09:01.858: Faibrought about load "en-US" message for module: "obs-internet browser.dll"21:09:01.858:
21:09:01.860: NVENC supported21:09:01.872: Couldn"t uncover VLC installation, VLC video source disabled21:09:01.878: No blackmagic support21:09:02.073: ---------------------------------21:09:02.073: Loaded Modules:21:09:02.073: win-wasapi.dll21:09:02.073: win-mf.dll21:09:02.073: win-dpresent.dll21:09:02.073: win-deckattach.dll21:09:02.073: win-capture.dll21:09:02.073: vlc-video.dll21:09:02.073: text-freetype2.dll21:09:02.073: rtmp-services.dll21:09:02.073: obs-x264.dll21:09:02.073: obs-vst.dll21:09:02.073: obs-transitions.dll21:09:02.073: obs-text.dll21:09:02.073: obs-qsv11.dll21:09:02.073: obs-outputs.dll21:09:02.073: obs-filters.dll21:09:02.073: obs-ffmpeg.dll21:09:02.073: obs-internet browser.dll21:09:02.073: image-source.dll21:09:02.073: frontend-tools.dll21:09:02.073: enc-amf.dll21:09:02.073: coreaudio-encoder.dll21:09:02.073: ==== Startup finish ===============================================21:09:02.074: Service "" not found21:09:02.074: All scene information cleared21:09:02.074: ------------------------------------------------21:09:02.117: WASAPI: Device "Speakers (Logitechnology G933 Gaming Headset)" initialized21:09:02.128: WASAPI: Device "Microphone (Logitech G933 Gaming Headset)" initialized21:09:02.130: Switched to scene "Minecraft"21:09:02.130: ------------------------------------------------21:09:02.130: Loaded scenes:21:09:02.130: - scene "Minecraft":21:09:02.130: - source: "Window Capture" (window_capture)21:09:02.130: ------------------------------------------------21:09:02.141: adding 23 millisecs of audio buffering, complete audio buffering is now 23 milliseconds21:09:03.302: rtmp-prevalent.c: Could not uncover service ""21:09:03.302: ---------------------------------21:09:03.302: settings:21:09:03.302: rate_control: CBR21:09:03.302: bitrate: 250021:09:03.302: cqp: 021:09:03.302: keyint: 25021:09:03.302: preset: default21:09:03.302: profile: high21:09:03.302: level: auto21:09:03.302: width: 192021:09:03.302: height: 108021:09:03.302: 2-pass: true21:09:03.302: b-frames: 221:09:03.302: GPU: 021:09:03.302:21:09:03.641: Failed to open up NVENC codec: Generic error in an exterior library21:09:16.481: adding 23 millisecs of audio buffering, complete audio buffering is now 46 milliseconds21:10:52.286: rtmp-prevalent.c: Could not uncover service ""21:10:52.286: rtmp-prevalent.c: Could not find business ""21:10:52.322: rtmp-prevalent.c: Could not discover business ""21:10:53.172: rtmp-widespread.c: Could not uncover organization ""
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Mar 6, 2017

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According to the log there"s an problem through you using NVENC. Either your GPU doesn"t assistance it, or you have to update your NVidia and/or Intel GPU chauffeurs.