Only the first 2tb are usable on large mbr

Diskcomponent cannot extfinish partitions beyond the 2TB note on huge MBR disks. How to work this about without information loss? Free partition software application AOMEI Partition Assistant have the right to deal with this effortlessly.

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Or one more factor it stops working is that:

“The volume cannot be extended because the file system does not assistance it.”

The Cause

Luckily, the problem is clearly stated in the error message that displays. MBR (Master Boot Record) just supports a maximum disk dimension of 2TBs and also four main partitions (or 3 main and one logical partition). This suggests that any kind of storage space past 2TBs will certainly be unusable by Windows if the disk is MBR formatted. In order to settle this, you can transform the disk to the GPT (GUID Partition Table) style as it is able to make use of disks larger than 2TBs.

In addition, the FAT32 file mechanism likewise limits the maximum partition size of a disk to 2TBs, so if your disk is in the GPT style however formatted in FAT32 then you will certainly likewise be unable to use to extfinish your partitions beyond 2TBs. Fortunately, Microsoft first presented an different to FAT32 in 1993, the alternative file system, NTFS allows you to produce a lot bigger partitions than FAT32 traditionally allows.

Equipment 1: transform MBR to GPT disk without data loss

Solution 1: convert MBR to GPT disk without shedding data

If you have found that your tough drive is in the MBR format then you can use specialist freeware to convert it to GPT without shedding data or formatting your drive. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard edition, a cost-free partition manager, converts your disk to GPT without impacting any type of of the information. If you want to convert your mechanism disk then you will require AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional edition and also you will certainly must inspect whether your motherboard supports EFI/UEFI boot mode.

Let’s uncover out how it works:

1. Downpack the complimentary software application. Install and also launch it.

2. Right click the disk you want to transform and choose ‘Convert to GPT’.


3. Click Apply to perdevelop the operation.



Once the convariation has actually completed, you need to be able to extend your partitions beyond 2TB limit by using AOMEI Partition Assistant, you have the right to currently also use to extfinish partitions.

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If you desire to use to transform MBR to GPT then you can usage the command “transform gpt”. Remember, this command also will certainly just work once the disk is completely empty and also doesn’t contain any type of data partitions or quantities. You deserve to usage the “delete disk ” command also to delete the disk before converting it to GPT. The built-in Windows Disk Management utility have the right to additionally be offered to convert a fully empty disk (which mirrors up as unalsituated space) to GPT. As using and also Disk Management requires you to erase the tough drive, remember to backup your tough drive prior to trying.

Note: this just functions with 64 little OS’s.

Systems 2: convert FAT32 to NTFS without shedding data

If you still can’t extfinish your 2TB partition after converting the disk to GPT, then you will certainly need to check what file system your drive is utilizing. If it is in FAT32 you will certainly must convert it to NTFS. Normally you will certainly must reformat the partition or volume to this, which involves deleting all of the information. Fortunately, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is able to transform between FAT32 and also NTFS without reformatting the drive and also losing your information.

To convert from FAT32 to NTFS:

1. Downpack AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Demo Version and also run it. Click on All Tools then NTFS to FAT32 Converter.


2. Select FAT32 to NTFS.


3. The regime will certainly list the partitions formatted via FAT32. Select the partitionyou desire to transform and also click Next off and also then Proceed to start the convariation.

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After trying these two options you have to find that is have the ability to extend your partition to larger than 2TBs. AOMEI Partition Assistant isn’t simply an effective partition manager, it hin its entirety host of beneficial features that have the right to be offered to make bootable media, Migprice your OS to an SSD, redimension partitions, and also more! AOMEI Partition Assistant is compatible with a selection of operating units both for the home (Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista, and also XP) and for businesses (Windows Server 2012, 2008 (R2), 2008, and 2003).