Open an xbox 360 controller

If you are founding to repair the tool for the initially time, pay attention to this tutorial — First time repairing

To disassemble Xbox 360 controller you’ll need T8 screwdriver and plastic spudger.

How to disassemble the Xbox 360 joystick

How to disassemble, clean and also reassemble Xbox 360 controller

Rerelocate battery and rerelocate all screws from the earlier of gamepad.

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Tip 1

Detach sticker and also rerelocate the last of screws.

Tip 2

Take some plastic tool that might be offered as spudger, insert between gamepad case components close to charge port and then unclick situation parts.

Tip 3

Open the instance of the controller.

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Step 4

Disaffix vibration packs.

Step 5

Rerelocate thumbsticks triggers.

Tip 6

Now you can clean the controller of the major board through a cotton swab in the areas wright here the butloads are located. This will assist enhance the switch response.

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Tip 7

Also clean the contacts upon the buttons.

Tip 8

Assembling the Xbox 360 gamepad

Assembly procedure looks similar to disassembly yet reversed:

Place all the butloads, rubber pads and also secure cross buttonPlace height confront bar on front case partPlace thumbsticks on main boardPlace vibration packsPlace primary board and connect vibration packsPlaced on ago situation component and click it onSecure it through screwsAnd install battery

Screwdriver Set