Origin error a redistributable package directx was not installed successfully

After reporting the services for many kind of Apex legend game errors, we are aobtain through one more bug. This error happens once you complete installation and also during the finalizing moment of the game. Once your Origin home window reflects “finalizing”, you might get the following error message.

You watching: Origin error a redistributable package directx was not installed successfully

Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed successfully. Setup cannot proceed. H294967287.

Once you press the OK button, a window will pop up with the message

We’ve encountered a difficulty. An unexpected error has occured. Please attempt aget in a couple of minute. Error 327684:1. Help us enhance beginning by submitting an error report.

All our previous guides about Connection to server timed out error, Error syncing Cloud Storage information error, engine error and so on are straight or instraight regarded the developers. Means those errors are not completely depending upon the gamers mechanism. But this DirectX not set up efficiently is just bereason of software application problems or bugs inside the DirectX package.


Step By Tip instructions to solve Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed” in Apex Legends

Tip 1:- Open My computer. Go to C Drive.

Tip 2:- Click on Program files(x86).

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Tip 3:- Click on the Origin Gamings folder. Now open Apex folder. Click the __Installer folder.

Tip 4:- Now open DirectX folder –> redist

Step 5:- Inside the redist folder, you will certainly watch many papers. You really don’t require all those documents. Means they are not compatible through your existing DirectX version. So the next action is to delete those unwanted records from the redist folder.

Step 6:- Delete all documents other than DSETUP.dll, dsetup32.dll, DXSETUP.exe. Now you will have only 3 files remaining in your redist folder. See the complying with screenshot for a clear concept.


Now open Origin and click on the install button. Now the launcher will finalize the installation without DirectX error. After that, you will certainly check out the play switch to begin the game.

So men, if you have actually any challenges in analysis the over overview, below is a video clip tutorial for you. The over instructions and also the below video are the very same. This will certainly be a lot simpler to follow than expertise the above overview.

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Deleting unwanted DirectX files are the quick and most basic means to settle “Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not mounted effectively. Setup cannot proceed.” error message. However, tright here may be one more approach to solve this. If you understand any other working instructions, please comment it listed below. Also, submit your feedago about this tutorial.