Origin has encountered a serious problem and must close

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If you generally play games on your COMPUTER, you may be acquainted via Origin. This short article describes exactly how to fix Origin, has encountered a major difficulty and demands to be closed.

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In fact, this is one of the the majority of widespread Origin problems that customers frequently encounter. It deserve to happen in any kind of case. Most regularly, but, this difficulty occurs once trying to affix to Origin, or as soon as founding the PC or just after opening the Origin client. Tright here are many possible reasons for this source error.

A dispute in between an antivirus and a firewall, netoccupational troubles, troubles through a third-party organization, corrupted settings or cache, obsolete system components, and so on. deserve to cause this problem. However, you can always correct the error at the resource if a major error has occurred. This short article offers clear troubleshooting instructions.

Origin is an EA game client equivalent to Steam and also UPlay. It permits you to log in to an account and also regulate all the games linked with that account. Origin has integrated memory and has specific exclusive rights from EA that deserve to only be played by Origin.

Start your PC in Safe Mode

If you are using Windows 10, follow these steps to clean up the startup process: Open the Start food selection by clicking the Windows symbol in the reduced left edge of your screen. Type msconfig in the search area and also push Go into. The device configuration window will appear. Click on the Services tab. Check the box to hide all Microsoft solutions and also then click the “Disable all” button on the ideal. Click on the Start tab and then click on Open Task Manager. When the list is fully loaded, right-click and also choose Disable for each of the provided programs. Cshed the Task Manager window to go back to the System Configuration window. Click OK to save your transforms, then restart your computer.

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Empty the Origin Cache


The corrupted application cache deserve to cause the Origin client to crash. You have the right to attempt clearing the Origin cache to see if this difficulty persists. Find Out exactly how to perform this here:

April 2021 Update:

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Cshed Origin while it is running. Simply click Origin in the food selection bar and choose Exit. Press the Windows and also R keys on your key-board at the exact same time to open up the Run dialog box. Then kind %ProgramData% and press Get in. Double-click the Origin folder in the pop-up window to open it. Delete all documents and folders in this folder, except for the LocalContent folder. Press the Windows and R keys on your key-board at the exact same time to open the Run dialog box. Then form %AppData% and also press Enter. In the pop-up window, delete the Origin folder. Click AppDocuments in the resolve bar. Double-click the Local folder to open up it. Delete the Origin folder from the Local folder. Restart Windows. Double-click the Origin shortcut on your desktop computer.

Check Antivirus/Firewall

Sometimes an antivirus or firewall deserve to interfere through the original game or client update process. As a result, you may suffer this problem. To prevent this type of case, make sure that you have actually temporarily disabled the antivirus or firewall. If you currently watch that whatever is functioning, simply allow the antivirus and also include the resource to the exemption list. It have the right to assist you solve the resource if a major difficulty has actually developed.

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Run Origin as an Administrator


The beginning may occasionally not work correctly if it does not have actually administrator privileges. If Origin still crashes after clearing the Origin cache, you have the right to try running Origin as an administrator. This area describes just how to carry out this:

Right-click the Origin shortcut on your desktop computer and also select Run as Administrator. You will certainly be prompted to agree. Click Yes to continue.


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