Overwatch not starting black screen


How to fix Overwatch black screen? Many type of players have this question. In this article, MiniDevice provides 6 feasible fixes to this issue. You don’t should try every one of them; simply follow the solutions one by one till you get rid of this worry.

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Possible Reasons for Overwatch Black Screen

Why carry out you run right into a black display screen once launching Overwatch? The feasible factors are:

Missing or damaged Overwatch papers. When the crucial papers that are forced by Overwatch during startup are missing or damaged, you may run right into Overwatch black display.Misconfigured game setting. When the in-game settings obtain misconfigured, Overwatch cannot begin smoothly.Corrupt cache. Once the Overwatch cache gets corrupted, the startup of Overwatch might fail.Computer overheating. Computer overheating have the right to bring about game crash.Missing or outdated graphics driver. The absent or outdated graphics driver can also cause Overwatch black display.Game DVR defense. Players usage Video Game DVR on Windows 10 computer to document, broadcast and also take screenshots while playing games. However, this utility also leads to the game startup concern as it will protect a game from running properly.

Till currently, you may have actually some clues around how to solve Overwatch black display. If your computer is overheating, please reduced the computer system temperature. The strategy is outlined in the short article Computer Crashes When Playing Games! – Here Are Solutions. You need to likewise cshed other running programs to totally free up resources and also stop software program dispute.

Fix 1: Repair the Missing Overwatch Files

If the missing or damaged records are the culprits behind Overwatch babsence display screen, try this resolve is to verify the integrity of the Overwatch papers.

Tip 1: Open the Blizzard Battle.net regimen and also then click Overwatch > Options > Sdeserve to and repair.

Tip 2: Click the Begin Scan button. After this, wait for the procedure to be completed.

When the process finishes, try relaunching Overwatch again and also watch if this issue has been solved. If not, try the following fixes.

Fix 2: Recollection in-Game Settings

To number out whether Overwatch black display is led to by the improper in-game settings, you deserve to carry out the following steps.

Tip 1: Click BLIZZARD in the top-left edge on the Blizzard Battle.net residence page and also then select Settings from the food selection.

Step 2: Click the Video Game Settings option from the Setups menu and also then click Rest in-Game Options from the right pane.

Tip 3: Click Reset > Done.

Fix 3: Delete the Game Cache

If reestablishing in-game settings stops working to work, please try deleting the game cache in Task Manager.

Tip 1: Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and also then picking Task Manager.

Step 2: Under the Processes tab of the Task Manager home window, find the Blizzard-related regimen and also right-click it to choose End task. If the Task Manager update speed is fast and you cannot focus on one procedure, you deserve to adjust with a couple of procedures.

Tip 3: Call out the Run window by pressing Windows + R, typing %ProgramData%, and clicking OK.

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Tip 4: Find the Blizzard Entertainment folder. Right-click it and click Delete.

Fix 4: Upday Graphics Driver

Step 1: Call out the Run home window, type devmgmt.msc, and click OK to open Device Manager.

Tip 2: Under Display adapters, right-click your graphics card and then pick Properties.


Tip 3: Switch to the Driver tab and also then click the Upday Driver switch.


Tip 4: Click Search instantly for updated driver software. After this, follow the ondisplay instructions to end up drive updating.

Fix 5: Turn off Game DVR

As the over content mentioned, GAME DVR will certainly safeguard Overwatch from running correctly. If you have offered this energy, you have to disable it.

Tip 1: Click the Windows symbol on the taskbar and also then choose the Settings icon from the menu.

Step 2: Click Video Game bar, DVR, broadcasting, Game on the Settings window.

Step 3: Select Game Bar and also then revolve off every option inside this tab.

Step 4: Switch to the Video Game DVR tab and also then disable all the options inside this tab.

Tip 5: Switch to the True Play tab and disable it.

Fix 6: Install the Latest Overwatch Patch or Upday Windows

The latest variation of Overwatch comes through the bug fixes. Due to that, you deserve to try installing the latest version if all the over methods fail to work-related.

To examine whether a patch is accessible, just go to the Blizzard Battle.net app and also then click Overwatch > Options > Patch Notes. If tbelow is a patch, please install it to check out if there is still a babsence screen when launching Overwatch.

If installing the latest patch is not advantageous, please try updating your Windows OS. Windows updates have the right to rerelocate the worries regarded both hardware and also software application, so have a try.

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To upday Windows OS, go to Settings > Upday & security > Windows Update > Check for updates.