Password protect external hard drive without encryption

If you have actually an exterior hard drive and also commonly usage it to keep essential and also confidential documents, you have to pay attention to the defense of the drive. Due to the removcapability of external hard drives, an unprotected outside drive can be accessed by anyone on any kind of computer. This is a good potential danger to the defense of the exterior drive and the data stored on it. So, is tright here a method to defend an outside tough drive with password and also proccasion it from accessed by unauthorized users? The answer is Yes. Now this web page will certainly show you just how to password defend an external tough drive on Windows 10. Two methods are available.

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Way 1: Password safeguard external tough drive on Windows 10 utilizing BitLocker

Windows 10 comes through a disk encryption tool called BitLocker Drive Encryption, which permits you to use passwords to protect hard drives connected to your computer system, including exterior and also internal hard drives.

Note: BitLocker is only easily accessible for Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10. If you want to password protect an external tough drive in Windows 10 Home, please go to the second strategy. See How to View Which Edition of Windows 10 You Are Running.

Step 1: Connect the exterior tough drive to your computer system by means of a USB slot.

Tip 2: Go to This PC, right-click on the outside hard drive volume and pick Turn on BitLocker alternative from the context menu.


Tip 3: Choose the choice “Use a password to unlock the drive”, then enter a password and click Next off.


Step 4: Choose one place to ago up your recoexceptionally key which have the right to be offered rather of your password to unlock your exterior difficult drive. You can choose to save the crucial to your Microsoft account, a USB flash drive or a regional file on this computer system. Then click Next off.


Tip 5: On the next page, Click Next off. Then choose Compatible mode as the encryption mode and also click Next.

Step 6: Finally click Start Encrypting to begin encrypting the exterior tough drive.


Tip 7: Now just wait till the encryption procedure is completely complete. This takes a few minutes depending on the size of your exterior drive.

Tips: How to access the password protected external hard drive

When the outside difficult drive has actually been encrypted via BitLocker, the password or recoextremely key is compelled to access the drive on any kind of device. Note that if you want to accessibility this external drive on a Mac gadget, you should first turn off its BitLocker protection on a Windows COMPUTER or usage a BitLocker Reader for Mac to assist unlock this drive straight on Mac, because Mac OS does not support BitLocker.

Way 2: Password defend outside tough drive on Windows 10 utilizing VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is the cost-free and also powerful third-party encryption software application for Windows that have the right to aid defend external tough drive via password.

Step 1: Downpack and install VeraCrypt on your Windows 10 tool. When the installation is complete, launch this regimen and connect your exterior hard drive to your computer.

Tip 2: Click the Create Volume switch.

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Tip 3: Select the choice Encrypt a non-mechanism partition/drive and also click Next.


Tip 4: Select Standard VeraCrypt volume and click Next.

Tip 5: On the following web page, click the Select Device switch, then choose the partition letter that represents your connected outside difficult drive and also click OK. Then click Next off.


Step 6: Now you are asked to pick exactly how you want to encrypt the volume. The initially choice will certainly delete all data stored on your outside tough drive before encrypting, while the second option will certainly encrypt your exterior drive and all information stored on it, without deleting anypoint. Select the option you desire and also click Next.


Tip 7: On the following web page, click Next. Then enter a solid password to defend your exterior difficult drive and also click Next off.


Tip 8: On the next web page, move your mouse as randomly as feasible. When the progress bar is finish, click Next.


Step 9: Click Next > Encrypt. Then simply wait till the encryption procedure is fully finish.

Tips: How to access the password safeguarded outside tough drive

When the external tough drive has been encrypted with VeraCrypt, you deserve to access this drive by just making use of the VeraCrypt software program. You must install the VeraCrypt software application on the computer from which you should accessibility the password protected external hard drive. Here are the simple steps.

1. Launch VeraCrypt and connect the external tough drive to the computer.

2. Select any type of of the drives from the food selection, then click Select Device. In the pop-up window, choose the external tough disk partition and also click OK.


3. Click on Mount in the lower left corner.

4. In the pop-up dialog, enter the password for the outside hard drive and click OK.


5. After a short while, the password defended outside hard drive is decrypted and mounted on the computer system. You have the right to double-click the drive to open up it and also accessibility all the contents inside it.

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These are 2 ways to make an exterior hard drive password protected in Windows 10. By compariboy, it’s much simpler to encrypt your hard drive utilizing the BitLocker feature that comes through Windows 10. You need to use a third-party encryption tool only if you use the Home edition of Windows 10 to password defend your external difficult drive.