Path of exile crashing on startup

Path of Exile is renowned and complimentary to play an action-packed role-playing game. Previously it was accessible only to Microsoft Windows, however after seeing the demand for console gamers, Grinding Gear Gamings released the same for the consoles in 2017 and also 2019, respectively. Now it is accessible for both Xbox One and also PS4. But as usual, the individuals from the PC variation are currently complaining about the game crashing whenever they are trying to play. We hope you are additionally facing the exact same trouble, and that made you land also here this day. So without wasting any type of time, let’s get to this concern and also all the fixes that one can execute to solve the crashing of this game.

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What is the Issue?

The report that is coming to us is from the PC gamers that are consistently telling that their game crashes whenever they run the game, and nopoint else happens. Sometimes after running the game, it stops and says this game stopped responding. So this becomes extremely frustrating and also tiresome as this destroys the mood. More, the gaming suffer is additionally destroyed. Looking at the number of players playing this game, it is straightforward to say this is one of the most played games currently. And after being obtainable for virtually all platdevelops, it came to be fairly renowned bereason individuals find playing via Xbox and PS4 players more interesting.

So now, we will try to resolve this crashing worry in our ways that we have discussed listed below. You need to follow the actions as necessary to fix this crashing.


Fix: Path of Exile Crashing

You will certainly absolutely not like to play a game that is continuously crashing on your PC. This might at some time lead to reasoning that your COMPUTER is old sufficient or not compatible. This is not the situation, though, you should apply the fixes as defined below. So let’s acquire began.

Fix 1: Verify the Video Game Files

First of all, you need to verify the game files and inspect if tright here is any type of file missing or any type of data is corrupt. Missing or corrupt game documents will bring about crashing the game eexceptionally time you run it. So it is important to examine them initially. Follow the actions listed below to check for game files.

Click on the start switch and search “Steam,” then press enter keyIn the Steam application, go to LibraryNow search for your game Path of Exile, and right-click on thatNow choose PropertiesThen click on Local Files TabAnd click “Verify the integrity of game documents.”

This will take numerous minutes as the system will certainly inspect for any lacking files. It will then geneprice a report of papers missing. Then you deserve to quickly re-downpack the shed data and play the game without any kind of interruption.

Fix 2: Disable Full-Screen Optimization

Many kind of of you out tbelow love to play their PC games on full display screen. But have you assumed this full-display screen gameplay might cause insufficient performance or crashing issues? Well yes, the entire display sometimes causes the games to crash. To fix this, follow the measures listed below.

Go the file area where you’ve installed Pile of ExileLook out for “Games.exe” and also right-click on thatNow go to propertiesAfter that, choose the “Compatibility” tabNow tick the box signifying “Disable Fullscreen Optimization.”

Now you’re all set to go and try out, and you won’t face crashing aobtain. If it still crashes, we have even more remedies on sell.

Fix 3: Updating Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes old graphics card gadget driver leads to the crashing of games due to a absence of optimization from the hardware side. Actually, once a brand-new game is released in the industry, the graphics are not ready to adapt as necessary. So to settle this issue, graphics card manufacturers release secure updays that optimize the performance of the graphics cards with the game.

You need to go to the official webwebsite of the respective graphics card manufacturer to download the tool vehicle drivers. Then install them and also restart your computer to make the transforms take effect. Then you’re ready to go and attempt out your game. This time it must not crash. But we still have more fixes market if the over doesn’t job-related for you.

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Fix 4: Look out for DirectX

Most of the moment, the users miss out on DirectX. Remember, DirectX is among the most important contents that is compelled to run a game. DirectX interacts via the Operating System and also increates the graphics card to allow alters, respectively. It acts as a bridge between the operating device, game, and also the graphics card driver. So it should be checked.

To inspect for DirectX, follow the steps.

Press windows+R switch together, a run dialogue box opensIn the run dialogue box, kind “dxdiag” and press enterNow a prompt will appear click yes.Then at the bottom, you will find the DirectX version.Now go to the official Microsoft Website and also downfill the upgraded variation.Or, if not set up, sindicate downfill one.

Downloading and also installing the DirectX will certainly deal with most of your game crash problems, and also you will certainly have immersive gameplay. But wait, we have even more solutions waiting for you.

Fix 5: Sheight Unimportant Programs

Closing uncrucial programs that occupy the RAM might at some time fix the issue of the game crashing. To do that, sindicate open the task manager by pushing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key together, then lookout in the apps section. And click End Task at the bottom ideal of whichever before application you want to cshed. Doing this might fix your difficulty. You deserve to also disable some services in the Services tab, which start upon booting of the computer.

Fix 6: Raising the Priority

Raising the priority can be an alternative once the application is not able to communicate effectively with the sources. To execute this, follow the actions below.

Launch the gameMinimize it and open the job manager.Then look out for Path of Exile in the apps area, and right-click on thatThen move the cursor to “Set Priority.”After that, click on “Above Normal.”

This can resolve the crashing worries if the game was unable to make use of resources properly. Now we move on to our last solution that will certainly sucount deal with each and also every difficulty that the previous solutions were unable to carry out.

Fix 7: Uninstall and also Reinstall the Game

Uninstalling Path of Exile will certainly rerelocate the whole game, its buffer, and cache, which probably was corrupt. Corruption in the game papers leads to the game crashing. After a successful uninstallation restarts the system and also then install it aget.

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This settle with finish up all the continuous issues favor lagging, crashing, or even not responding worries. As we all understand, reinstallation is the jack of all trades.


Here we have actually disputed the crashing concerns in the game Path of Exile. We understand that it is a popular and also demanding game among youth gamers. So disruptions will result in frustrations. Applying our fixes will surely solve your game issues, and also you will be able to play the game aobtain as you were playing in the start. We hope our overview has actually aided you. If you have actually any kind of queries or feedago, feel free to comment down listed below through your Name and also E-mail ID. Likewise, examine out our iPhone Tips and also Tricks, PC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. Thank You

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