Payday 2 crashes on startup windows 10

PayDay 2 has actually hit the industry & even after receiving a number of updates, players are still suffering regular lags, launch issues, and various other errors. Steam discussion platcreates and also various other famous forums are packed with “PayDay 2 not launching 2021”, “PayDay 2 stuck on loading display screen,” and other such troubles.

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Several Players Reporting PayDay 2 not launching 2021 On Windows PC On Steam & Reddit

How To Fix PayDay 2 Not Launching 2021 On Windows 10:

Before trying advanced actions to deal with the PayDay 2 Stuck On Loading Display Error, we’ll be trying fundamental troubleshooting tricks, such as:

Rebeginning SteamRunning Your Program As AdministratorVerifying The Game Files (Follow Path: Library > Right-Click On PayDay 2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify

If you’ve tried these approaches and also nopoint functioned to solve the annoying “PayDay 2 Not Launching On PC” problem, here’s what you have to execute next:

METHOD 1- Upday Drivers (Recommfinished Way)

You will certainly undoubtedly face many problems while playing any type of game if your mechanism is running outdated or damaged tool drivers. Ensure you are running the latest and many compatible motorists to protect against problems while playing PayDay 2 or any kind of other COMPUTER game. You have the right to upday motorists in a few clicks by complying with the method:

The Driver Updater Utility functions fairly efficiently to locate and update the best and also latest versions of gadget vehicle drivers.Click on Sdeserve to Now button to let the software search your PC to find all the absent, outdated, lacking, or damaged vehicle drivers.Press the Update All button to resolve all the vehicle drivers related concerns in one-click.

Smart Driver Care is an progressed solution to assist you uncover and replace corrupted & faulty motorists via the latest versions.

Downfill Smart Driver Care


Open the PayDay 2 Folder.

Now run the PayDay 2 Game on your mechanism & observe whether the difficulty ‘PayDay 2 Stuck On Loading Screen’

is persisting.

METHOD 3- Disable Fulldisplay screen Optimizations

The enabled Fullscreen optimizations is probably hampering some facets of the PayDay 2 & leading to troubles during the launch procedure. Try the below-mentioned steps to disable the setting & see if it helps solve the PayDay 2 not launching on Windows 10 problem:

STEP 1- Head towards the game installation folder. Locate & right-click the ‘payday2_win32_release.exe’ file & from the context menu that appears, click on Properties. 

STEP 2- Navigate to the Compatibility tab > Check on the Disable Fulldisplay Optimizations option (you have the right to uncover the alternative little bit bottom) > hit the Apply button, complied with by OK to confirm the procedure.

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STEP 3- Now try running the game and check to check out if the issue is still appearing.

METHOD 4- Percreate Clean Boot

If the techniques over faicaused fix the PayDay 2 not launching on Windows 10 PC, there can be a probability; the trouble is happening as a result of a conflicting regimen. Here’s a finish list of software that might interfere while playing PayDay 2. So, in case you are running any kind of of these programs on your computer system, attempt removing it to view if it resolves the problem on your Windows COMPUTER.

Percreating a Clean Boot would certainly additionally help in case rerelocating the software program doesn’t assist to settle “PayDay 2 not launching on Windows 10”. Follow the actions below:

Launch the Run Window.Type MSConfig & hit the OK button.Navigate to the General tab & uninspect the choice “Load Startup Items.”


Now head in the direction of the Services tab & uninspect the option “Hide all Microsoft Services.”Click on Disable All > Apply > OK.Rebegin the computer system and also run PayDay 2 to check if it’s launching properly.

Hopetotally, this approach need to work-related for you to solve PayDay 2 not launching on COMPUTER. If performing Clean Boot functions effectively, you’ll uncover that one faulty company is responsible for the problem on Windows 10 PC.

METHOD 5- Change render_settings File

Still, dealing with problems while launching PayDay 2 on PC? Well, probably it’s because of the game’s resolution. You cannot readjust the resolution of the PayDay 2 game, so you would fairly have to use a different method.

Launch Run Window.Type %appdata% & click OK.Access AppData directory from the AppDataRoaming Folder.From multiple folders, you have to navigate to the Local folder.Find the PayDay 2 game from the list of alternatives.Find its render_settings & open up it via Notepad.From the Notepad file, discover the line: resolution = 1280 720 (It can show up various on your screen).Now adjust the worths to different reservices.Save the changes & attempt to run PayDay 2 on your Windows PC.

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Hopefully, it resolves the PayDay 2 stuck on the loading display screen worry. Remember, you can need to repeat these measures until you find the exact resolution that works for you!

METHOD 6- Reinstall PayDay 2

Your last resort to settle the PayDay 2 not launching (2021) on Windows PC is to install and also run the latest version of PayDay 2. You can either remove the regime manually or using a dedicated uninstaller for the objective. Automatically uninstalling a software program, ensures that connected files are rerelocated carefully: Follow the measures listed below if you wish to uninstall manually:

Open the Steam Client & head in the direction of the Library.Find PayDay 2 & right-click it to choose the Uninstall choice.Go to the Installation & AppData folder to remove associated papers.Restart your computer system to implement the changes.

Open Steam again & uncover PayDay 2 to install the game again!

Facing any type of various other issue concerned PayDay 2? Feel cost-free to point out them below; we’ll try our finest to administer you via all the efficient services to resolve the problem!