Pen drive not showing data


Don’t worry if the records and also folders of in your USB drive are not arriving in your PC; you have the right to try recovering concealed documents and shed documents from the USB drive by means of MiniDevice software application. 

USB Drive Is Visible yet Content Is Not

I linked my USB drive to Windows 10. I can see my USB drive in File Explorer, but I could not check out my papers stored on this drive. Simply put, USB Drive is visible however content is not! Why?

Have you ever before encountered the exact same issue? Do you understand just how to deal with the issue: USB drive not showing documents and also folders?

It is widespread for USB drive or other outside tough drive documents to occasionally not show up in the COMPUTER. This might be resulted in by miscellaneous components such as accidental deletion, hidden files, wrong file mechanism, virus intrusion, etc.

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I conserved some files in my USB but as soon as I explore my USB the records are not appear. It mirrors that USB is empty. I execute not recognize what to do.

If you enrespond to the “USB documents not showing but area used” worry, don’t worry and check out this short article to discover exactly how to solve the USB data not mirroring in PC concern.

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Solved - USB Drive not Showing Files and also Folders

Method 1. Unhide USB drive files

If your USB drive papers are covert, you deserve to just watch the USB drive. Here, you have 2 alternatives to unhide files when USB drive not showing papers and also folders.

① Show surprise files

Tip 1: Connect your USB drive to COMPUTER.

Tip 2: Right-click Start switch and also then choose Control Panel.

Step 3: Click Appearance and Personalization.

Step 4: Unde File Explorer Options, click Show hidden documents and folders.


Tip 5: Check Show hidden filesfoldersand drives, and also uncheck Hide defended operating device files (Recommended).

Tip 6: Click OK button.

Alternatively, you have the right to use CMD to unhide files.

② Unhide records by using CMD while USB not showing papers and folders

PressWindows + X to open the Power Users food selection.Click Command also Prompt (Admin).Type diskpart, and also push Enter.Type complying with command:attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.*


(g is the drive letter of your USB drive, so please rearea the drive letter with the corresponding drive letter of yours, and push Get in.)

Type Exit and also press Enter.

If you still cannot view your documents in USB drive after trying the over 2 remedies, your documents could very probably be shed. So the trouble currently is, how carry out we recoup shed records from the USB drive? Keep analysis to find the answers.

Method 2: Virus/Malware strike your USB drive

As we know, some unknown virus deserve to not just infect your documents however likewise renders them concealed.

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"Folders in my pen drive are hidden because of virus strike. I cannot unhide the folder bereason the covert tick is grayed out in the Properties of the folder. How deserve to I check out USB surprise records due to virus infection?"

If you are annoyed by the “USB papers not showing however room used” problem, you come the right place! Here, we recommend using MiniDevice Power File Recoincredibly to fix USB drive not reflecting files and also folders with ease.

The best file recoincredibly software, Power File Recoextremely, offers wizard-choose interencounters and straightforward operations to help you recuperate concealed files from USB drive after virus invasion without any kind of challenge.

This all-in-one information recoexceptionally software not just functions with USB drive, outside difficult drive, SD card or other storage devices; it additionally supports miscellaneous operating devices including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and also so on.

You have the right to downfill Power File Recoincredibly Trial Edition to have actually a shot.

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A step-by-step guide to reextending shed data from USB drive.


Tip 1: Launch MiniDevice Power Data Recovery to acquire its main interchallenge via 4 various data recoextremely modules: This PCRemovable Disk DriveHard Disk Drive, and also CD/DVD Drive. Here, to recover surprise files in USB drive, you are meant to click the Removable Disk Drive.


Step 2: Select the USB drive, and also then click Scan button to shave the right to the entirety gadget. Before scanning the tool, you can specify essential file devices and also file kinds by clicking the Settings function.

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Step 3: Pevaluation files, select all files you want, click Save switch, choose a suitable location to store papers, and also click OK button. Never store selected documents to the USB drive, or the original data might be overcomposed.


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If you desire to recuperate data, you have to select the personal license or business license. If you can"t identify which license kind is the finest for you, look for answers from this page: Compare License Type.

Here, in my opinion, Power File Recoincredibly Personal Ultimate is a great alternative. It not just supplies Bootable Media Builder for information recovery when PC cannot boot, but additionally offers life time upgrade company. More essential, you deserve to usage one copy of the software on 3 computer systems.

After all operations are done, you have actually respanned lost information from USB drive without damaging the original data.

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Method 3: USB drive papers are deleted

If the documents and folders were accidentally deleted, or they are deleted as a result of a virus/malware. you can check out your USB drive yet cannot watch its records.

In this case, you have the right to attempt using Power Documents Recoexceptionally to deal with the USB drive not reflecting information in COMPUTER. Here, check out this short article How Can I Recover Shift Deleted Files through Ease to uncover just how to recoup lost information.

Method 4: USB drive has a wrong file device or damaged file system

In many type of situations, file system corruption can cause this “USB files not reflecting however area used” worry happens.

In computing, a file system is the approach and information structure that an operating system uses to keep track of papers on a disk or partition; that is, the way the papers are organized on the disk.

If the file device is damaged or reflects as RAW, you cannot access its files yet will obtain many kind of errors. For instance, if your USB tough drive shows as RAW, you will certainly obtain the complying with 2 errors:


Note: DO NOT FORMAT YOUR USB DRIVE IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, the shed data can be overcomposed and also tbelow is no means to recuperate them. Here, you can watch the adhering to video to know how to fix this concern.

Video Watch – How to Effectively Fix RAW Drive

Sometimes if Windows cannot acknowledge the file system of USB drive, it will not have the ability to show the documents and folders in that USB drive. To be more particular, if your USB drive is formatted via the ext2/3/4 file system, you cannot check out it in Documents Explorer and also then cannot accessibility its data.

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Now, exactly how to resolve the issue of USB drive not reflecting papers in Windows 10t? Users that properly solved this concern perform 2 things well.

First, they recoup lost information from the USB drive.2nd, they format the USB drive.Want to know even more details? Keep reading!

Step 1. Recover shed data from USB drive

Launch MiniDevice Power Documents Recovery, and also click Removable Disk Drive.Sdeserve to the USB drive via the ext2/3/4 file device.Save all essential papers in a safe place.

Tip 2. format the USB drive to NTFS/FAT32.

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Downpack MiniDevice Partition Wizard Free, and also install it on computer according to prompts.Launch it.Select the USB drive and also then click Layout Partition attribute from the left action panel.Specify partition label, file system, and then click OK switch.Click Apply button to perform all alters.


Method 5: USB drive could be damaged

Unfortunately, if you get the USB drive not showing files in Windows 10 concern, your USB drive can be damaged. This happens reasonably often; a damaged drive is usually ineasily accessible. However before, if the firmware is still functional, the USB drive will certainly be shown on your computer in addition to the storage room condition. You have the right to copy papers right into this drive and also view them as soon as you open your drive.

However before, the files and also folders are no longer accessible when you unplug your drive and also plug it earlier again. This is because the drive will certainly conserve your documents and also folders as lengthy as tright here is an electrical current/voltage via the USB. But, it will not organize the copied information when the USB electric current/voltage is lost. Now, it begins to act prefer a RAM rather of a ROM. In this instance, you need a brand-new USB drive.

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Useful Suggestions on How to Avoid USB Drive File Loss

USB flash drive is the most desired media for storage and sharing of data bereason of its speed, capacity and also portcapability. However before, you need to take good care of your USB drive to stop losing your helpful data.

Make certain to backup crucial documents to an additional drive. There is nopoint that have the right to replace backapproximately prevent data loss and prevent expensive recoincredibly.Almeans disconnect your USB drive safely. Make sure that each time you eject USB drive from your mechanism making use of the "Safely Remove" or "Eject" choice.Avoid utilizing the very same USB device in multiple systems as tbelow is opportunity of its corruption.If your USB drive information are lost, instantly sheight storing brand-new information on that drive as its storage area may be overwritten and also thereby lessen the possibilities of information retrieval.Keep your USB device in a safe area. It is incredibly simple to bring a USB device via you wherever you go. However before, you must put it in a safe location choose inside a pocket in a bag.

Bottom Line

Now, you need to be able to solve the issue of USB drive not showing documents and also folders.

If your concern was properly addressed with the remedies discussed below, you can share via your friends.

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If you have any type of great remedies, you are welpertained to form your options in the comment section. Of course, if you have actually any kind of concerns around recovering shed information from USB drive with Power Data Recovery, please feel cost-free to contact us by means of . Thanks!




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