Photoshop could not open scratch file

When you get a Photoshop error said “Could not open a scratch file because the file is locked or you carry out not have actually the important access privileges. Use the properties command also in the windows explorer to unlock the file

On: Photoshop CS5, Windows 7×64

Fix: delete the choices setting

Best and also Quickest Way to Fix: host down Crtl + Alt + Shift secrets throughout phtotshop start up. It will ask you if you want to delete the establishing, click ok to delete it.

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26 Responses to Photoshop error “Could not open up a scrape file bereason the file is locked or you perform not have the necessary accessibility privileges…”

joe says:

I never provided to have this trouble via Photoshop CS5 yet now it’s an problem through Photoshop CS6. Right now it only works once run as administrator. Photoshop is on C:, scrape disk is on C: I attempted to give modify pergoals to authenticated customers and also photoshop currently just retransforms an error that states “Could not open up because there was a problem via the scratch file.” I completely rerelocated CS5 before installing CS6 and even offered the adobe tool to make certain it was completely gone.

Does anyone have any suggestions- at leastern to acquire it to quit bugging me with UAC prompts once I desire to run as admin? Running it as administrator all the moment is annoying, mostly because it won’t let me drag teams of photos in from traveler anymore. I need to appropriate click each one and go with the UAC prompt for eincredibly single picture.

Bridge has a similar problem- it simply crashes as soon as it opens up unmuch less I run it as admin.Illustrator, but, is simply fine. Aobtain, any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Bink says:
February 7, 2011 at 7:54 AM

Adding to my previous comment (currently I’ve done more testing), what I did to permanently solve the concern, was ensure the disk I switched my scratch disk to (F: in my case), had actually granted Authenticated Users “Modify” pergoals.

To do this, I best click my F: in Windows Explorer.Click on Properties.Go to the Security tab.Check if Authenticated Users exists in the “Group or user names” list:

If it does, pick it and tick the permit Modify permission.Click OK.

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If it does not, click on the Click Add….Type in Authenticated Users.Click Check Names and make certain wright here you typed Authenticated Users gets underlined (it implies Windows found the user group).Click OK twice.