Playstation 3 keeps turning off

my brothers did that when about a year back.. i think it was simply over heating.. it hasnt done it considering that that one time

i hate to say it but youre ps3 is dying! im on ny third ps3 ideal currently all my various other would freeze shut off then a flashing red light would appear the blinking red light suggests youre solder around the cpu&gpu are loosing call with the motherboard. an overheating ps3 would flash a green light look it up in the ps3 manual. i recognize from suffer bereason my buddy owns apc repair shop and started repairing ps3&360 2 years earlier. and also currently he has actually repaired over 80 hd consoles somuch. and also this is ps3 biggest breakdown its exactly like the 360 rrod. the just thing you can really perform is obtain its motherboard heatgunned and information move to another consingle.

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Yea your ps3 is about to go but for the future if u have actually fat ps3 or slim nvr flip the switch in the ago to rotate it off fat ps3 it messes the device and for slim and fat to turn off doing freezes or emergency host dvery own the power button it will reduced off after a couple seconds this need to alleviate the risk of u breaking your ps3

So is there no method to repair this? I check out a yellow light for a break-up second prior to it goes green (as the device transforms on) then it simply transforms off and blinks red aobtain. Is the memory in my tough drive ok?

im assuming you have actually the fat ps3? if so you have actually the YLOD, and also you have the right to fix it. there are videos on youtube demonstrating this that call for a heatgun and also taking acomponent your ps3. this resolve though will not be permenant however must permit you to play if for a couple months. simply make sure its in a cool enviroment and not boxed in everywhere if you repair it or get a brand-new one!

likewise this happfinish to my original 60gb and also i fixed it and also still usage it to now. however i bought a 250gb slim after it happened (as i was in college and wasnt going house for a month) so i leave my 60gb at residence for breaks so the 250gb gets the majority of my usage now and also runs awsome

I had actually the exact same trouble. Sent it in to Sony, got it earlier in a couple weeks. If you have the money, you probably must. Otherwise, I"m sure tright here are human being making boattons of money off of dying 360s and also PS3s that are willing to give you the very same therapy, at a reduced price, and probably faster.

this is my second ps3 and im fairly pissed cuz my first one was not analysis discs and i bought the slim, however now my ps3 shuts down as soon as im 40 min in playinng babsence ops all this started as soon as i bought fallout new vegas, is there any type of possibility that i deserve to deal with this spfinishing no money at all and also not opening or fidliung with the console .please respond and also thank you.
Ah, the Yellow Light of Death, I gained this around a year back on my Launch PS3 too, tbelow are human being around that"ll resolve it for you for means cheaper than Sony...much faster as well.

My trusty gaming save i tend to go to does not solve YLOD so im gonna probably side with sony. there is 1 problem however. my Assassins creed 2 disk is still in the system and also I cant obtain it out.

My frifinish likewise supplies assistance, he has actually resolved 2 YLOD"s by putting the PS3 in his OVEN (yes i shelp his oven) and proceeding to COOK it. I have actually no principle exactly how that functions however there"s always that choice.

I would recommfinish sending it to sony tbh. The exact same point happened to mine last week and also my copy of fifa 11 is stuck in there. I would certainly get mine solved however i cant afford it atm :cry:

My trusty gaming save i tend to go to doesn"t settle YLOD so im gonna most likely side through sony. tbelow is 1 difficulty but. my Assassins creed 2 disk is still in the mechanism and I cant obtain it out.

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My friend also supplies assistance, he has actually fixed 2 YLOD"s by putting the PS3 in his OVEN (yes i said his oven) and also proceeding to COOK it. I have no idea exactly how that works but there"s constantly that alternative.


I would not prepare my PS3 however then aget ive never been good at solving points.

Is tbelow a means to open up up the PS3 and take the disk out?

I contacted sony and was available a 120 GB slim PS3 in exadjust for my broken launch PS3 for 100 dollars, or solve my launch PS3 for 120. I took the slim PS3 rather.

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I have to acquire my game out of the system though.

I think its your power supply..mine does the very same thing...right here lookie:
the trouble is there is no red light , it just turns off through no indication of what has actually happened gianmarcoselva oops should have actually clicked quote~ n e means ill rearticle.. I think its your power supply..mine does the very same point...right here lookie:
If u live in Australia has actually anyone tried these men out? Im going to book in to acquire my ps3 addressed hopetotally. They seem promising and also sensibly affordable.

mine did that and is currently a paperwieght for life and i cannot get it repaired for a couple factors dont have actually original HDD and also i opened it to acquire my game earlier. Good luck

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