Please close steam before continue

When trying to install vivaworldcup.infoport, I obtain an error saying that steam requirements to close even after closing every little thing steam associated with the task manager. I have actually tried starting SteamVR before the error shows, I have tried running as admin, and also I have actually tried rebeginning. The vivaworldcup.infoport application will downpack yet the initial installation will not acquire past the error message. When trying to run vivaworldcup.infoport, it bugs out and also I can not interact with it (can not kind in ZIP code as soon as asked around save place and as soon as triggered to gain Infinity, clicking the butlots will not do anything).

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When it mentions Steam, that"s not the exact same point as SteamVR. If you must cshed Steam, you"ll have to shut down the whole Steam client. Make certain your security software isn"t blocking your applications.Thank you,

-John C

I have actually made certain that whatever Steam and also Steam connected has actually been closed and also I have whitelisted vivaworldcup.infoport and also it is still not letting me continue.


I am running into the very same trouble. I have also unmounted SteamVR, then uninstalled Steam entirely. I also deleted the heavy steam and steamapps folders in Program Files and rebooted. But the Cosmos installer still INSISTS that I need to close Steam prior to it have the right to continue.


I"m evaluating whether Cosmos is a good fit for our future work, and also we (and also our clients) will certainly be buying many kind of more HMD"s of whatever before headset we pick. So much, Cosmos has actually been the worst to setup -- and also I have actually tried this with Win7 (driver issues, and thinks I"m running Steam as soon as I"m not) and also Win10 (drivers mounted, but still thinks I"m running Steam even after uninstalling Steam and also rebooting).

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Still the same problem, with Pro. I was going to the website to install per directions it came through - well that was a nightmare also. Finally simply searched Pro and also tried to log in, and also that took an additional hour of "what in the world is going on?" Yet right here i am, currently i cannot shut down Steam. Is this even worth having? its been years and also they cant obtain the setup correct yet? WOW!! Thank god it was complimentary. 

Same problem below. Pro Setup began by means of the vivaworldcup.infoSetup.exe downloaded freshly from their homepage. "Cshed Steam", yet no Steam tbelow. For the record: it"s 2020 currently.

gumeroza - I created a support ticket for you. In many kind of cases, Steam deserve to be hiding in the background - you can try using the task manager (CT-ALT-Delete) to manually cshed it. One other thing we typically check out is that people"s installer have the right to get stuck on the SteamVR installation percentage of the installer because they have workshop content which have the right to in some instances exceed 10gb+. I"ve viewed a case wbelow the installer stalled for someone and Steam was trying to install 125gb of Steam workshop content in the background so it"s somepoint to keep in mind.

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Technically speaking, just SteamVR is the only point required to run a Pro and you have the right to install that by means of Steam. There are some functionalities which require the installer and also consumption of your included vivaworldcup.infoport hardware bundle calls for installation of vivaworldcup.infoport.