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In my XNA game, if a player disconnects controller #1, a dialog comes up that states "Please reaffix controller". They have the right to continue playing if they begin using controller 2 and I would choose to programtically dismiss the dialog in that instance. I have actually discovered nothing in my virtual searching and also pouring with XNA documentation...

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Unfortunately that message is constructed into the Xbox 360 firmware, and hence there is no method to control or dismiss out on it from within the XNA Frameoccupational.

Due to the fact that prodocuments are linked through controllers on the Xbox 360, that message will always appear once a game is running and a controller is disconnected via a profile still signed in. You must have the ability to verify this by signing a profile in using another of your controllers, then disconnecting that controller.

You may want to check out this thcheck out over at the XNA Forums for even more information on exactly how your game could respond to controller disconnects.

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This MSDN article also provides some indevelopment on dealing with controller disconnects.


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