Plex remote access not working

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A Plex Media Server can be accessed on a wide range of streaming devices, consisting of Roku and Chromeactors.


Step-by-Tip Instructions for Enabling Remote Access to Your Plex Media Server

Standing up a Plex Media Server on your home netoccupational allows you put every one of your movies, music, and also photos in one place that can be accessed from anywhere—if you have the remote access feature permitted on the server. Remote accessibility is disabled by default, and also if the function doesn't revolve on once you initially allow it, you'll need to connumber some settings on your rexternal before you have the right to access content on your Plex Media Server from external of your home netoccupational.

Tip 1: Reserve the Plex Server's IP Address in Your Router

The initially point you should do is ensure your Plex server is assigned a static IP on your netoccupational. While these instructions differ from rexternal to rexternal, you need to be able to navigate to a PC/LAN area within your router's portal and locate where to reserve an IP resolve for a certain device. Here are the instructions for exactly how to reserve an IP resolve for your Plex server in a Netequipment router:

Open your Web web browser and navigate to This is the portal for your Netgear rexternal.Click the "Advanced" tab on the residence web page, and also then click "Setup" beneath WPS Wizard on the left side of the display screen. A fly-down food selection shows up.Click "LAN Setup." The LAN Setup screen appears on the best.Click "Add" in the Address Reservation section. The Address Reservation Table shows up, containing a list of devices on your home network-related.Select the machine hosting your Plex server, and then click "Add." You'll be directed back to the LAN Setup display screen, where you'll check out that the gadget you schosen has actually been added to the Address Reservation area.Write down the number linked with your device in the IP Address area. You'll need this later on in the process.Proceed to the following action.

Tip 2: Set Up Port Forwarding

Now that you've provided your Plex server a static IP deal with, you should set up port forwarding. Port forwarding is an choice that stays in the progressed settings component of many routers. The instructions for setting up port forwarding for your Plex server on a Netgear rexternal are:

Log back right into your Netequipment rexternal portal, and also then click the "Advanced" tab at the peak.Click "Modern Setup" in the food selection on the left side of the screen, and then choose "Port Forwarding/Port Triggering." The Port Forwarding/Port Triggering web page appears on the right side of the screen.Select "Port Forwarding" in the Please Select Service Type section. This will certainly open.Click "Add Custom Service." The Ports Custom Services display appears.Get in "Plex" in the Service Name field. You have the right to enter anything you desire, however this will certainly make it less complicated to recognize.Select "TCP/UDP" in the Protocol drop-dvery own.Set your External Port Range to 32400, and then examine the box to use the same port variety for the internal port. This will auto-populate the Internal Port Range field through 32400.In the Internal IP Address field, enter the IP attend to that you wrote down earlier.Click "Apply."

Congratulations, you've now completed configuring your Netequipment router for permitting remote accessibility to your Plex server.


A green inspect mark to the ideal of Remote Access on the left side of your display shows that everything is up and running.

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Step 3: Configure Plex

Now that you've locked in your Plex server's IP resolve and put up port forwarding, you deserve to configure your remote access settings on your Plex server making use of the adhering to instructions:

Click "Settings" in the Manage section. The Setups display appears.Click "Server" in the upper appropriate edge of the Settings display.Click "Remote Access" on the left side of the display.Click the oarray "Enable Remote Access" switch on the right side of the screen.Click to place a inspect mark to the left of Manually Specify Public Port, and then enter "32400."Click the orange "Retry" button to the ideal of wright here you gotten in "32400." You must now watch a green check mark to the appropriate of Remote Access in the food selection on the left side of the screen, and you have to also view a green message throughout the optimal of the Remote Access window that states "Fully available external your netoccupational." You can currently access your Plex server remotely on tools that are not on your network.


You have to be exceptionally mindful as soon as configuring the settings on your wireless rexternal. If you're not comfortable configuring the settings on your wiremuch less router, please don't carry out it. Making the wrong change on your rexternal have the right to result in you shedding your Net for an unrecognized period of time.

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it is exceptionally important to have actually your ip as static

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worked perfectly. thank you

Max Dalton (author) from Greater St. Louis, Missouri on July 19, 2018:

Wright here did you run into problems? Making certain that you're rexternal is configured appropriately is the a lot of difficult part of this.

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Did not occupational for me

Alex on November 28, 2017:

How perform I understand which is the machine hosting my Plex server? None of them have names, they just have IP addresses

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Thank you, give thanks to you, thank you! Now to see if my alters will ultimately enable me to run my VPN without the dreaded "not accessible external your network" error.